The Saddest Hunger Games Deaths

When your characters are facing off with the evil, blood-reeking President Snow or silver shady Alma Coin, you know that there’s going to be a lot of sacrificial lambs on the way to peace. Some of these deaths sting more than they should. As Gamemaker, Seneca Crane may have engineered some horrible fates, but one can’t help but feel sorry for him as he’s left to his poisoned berry fate. Maybe it’s that sweet beard on the handsome face of Wes Bentley. Sometimes it’s terrible when pretty people die.
After each and book, we’re left with the memories of those who died in The Hunger Games. Did you feel anything glimmer of sadness for Glimmer? Girlfriend totally got jacked up by tracker jackers. Not even a tear? How about Clove? Was she just a little too enthusiastic in her kill kill die die-ness for us to feel much when Thresh ended her?

How she died: Tribute from District 7 (Marvel) speared her.
We all fell in love with sweet Rue from the first time we saw her. Marvel (who was totally marveling at that arrow in his chest afterwards) did a totally un-superhero thing and killed a little girl. You suck, bro. Katniss sings to the dying Rue and continues to honor the young girl by starting a revolution.
How he died: Lizard mutts
Book fans have long known that Finnick wouldn’t make it to the end. As he makes his way up a ladder, he’s attacked by mutts. Katniss’s reaction is our reaction. NOOOOOOOO!
How he died: Capitol thugs did terrible things to him, probably.
Cinna has been waiting a long time to take down the Capitol and Katniss is his chance. He helps incite the revolution through his designs, and probably knows his ticket is going to get punched after he designs that Mockingjay dress.
How she died: Explosion (and kind of Gale)  
As Prim rushed in as part of a medical team to help the injured during the battle at the Capitol, she is killed in an explosion launched by the rebels which include Gale. Katniss’s heart breaks. We feel it. Everything is awful.
How she died: Gloss slit her throat.
Wiress had gone through so much as a victor for District 3. When she is brought back for the Quarter Quell, she is not exactly all there, but she’s still plenty smart enough to figure out that the arena is a clock. This crucial piece of information saves Katniss and the gang. But alas, Wiress is killed by a guy named Gloss. What a cruel fate for someone with an IQ 20 times higher than that guy’s.
Lady Morphling
How she died: Monkey attack.
The Morphling from District 6 saved Peeta from the monstrous orange monkey attack and was slashed across the neck. Peeta helped her leave this mortal coil by comforting her as she lay dying. He told her to look at the sky, look at the colors. Tears.
Mr. Everdeen
How he died: Coal mining explosion and cave-in.
We never see Mr. Everdeen, but we feel his loss through Katniss and her mother. He’s the motivating force that made Katniss so tough and able to survive.