Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

Magical Destroyers Season 2 renewal status explored!

Magical Girl is often considered an underrated genre in anime and has become a staple in recent times.

Young girls possessing magical powers that can be used through alter egos is the trope that is mostly used in this kind of anime.

One such series featuring this trope was privy to Spring 2023 slate as the original adaption by studio Bibury Animation Studios, Magical Destroyers, hit the small screens.

 The premise is set in a dystopian future in Japan, wherein the government has been hunting people who identify as otaku in order to protect the country s’ culture.

An enforcement agency called SSC has captured all the otakus and confiscated their prized possessions and memorabilia.

To stop the efforts of the government, a resistance group known as the Revolutionary Army is set up by a passionate man who calls himself the Otaku Hero.

However, three years later, the army s’ efforts have waned off as all hopes of the Otakus look lost.

The Otaku Hero spurs his allies, and a magical girl named Anarchy takes command of the resistance to reunite the army.

Along with two other magical girls, Blue and Pink, can the Revolutionary put an end to the SSC s’ initiative and save the otaku culture is the central plot of the show.

Magical Destroyers Season One was received with mixed reviews. However, fans who enjoyed the series are wondering if there will be a second installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Magical Destroyers Season 2.

Magical Destroyers is rated 6.3/10 and ranked #7188 with 60k members on MyAnimeList


Source by Bibury Animation Studios

Magical Destroyers Season One aired from 8th April 2023 to 24th June 2023 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from Bibury Animation Studios on the renewal of Magical Destroyers Season 2.

Magical Destroyers Season 1 8th April 2023
Magical Destroyers Season 2 Yet to be Announced

Production Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned earlier, Magical Destroyers Season One was by no means a success, as despite having an interesting premise, the anime fails in its execution.

 Initially showing promise, the series encountered a decline in quality as the episodes progressed but did reasonably well towards the end, as evidenced by its IMDB user episode ratings.

Magical Destroyers Episode 1 7.2
Magical Destroyers Episode 2 7.1
Magical Destroyers Episode 3 7.2
Magical Destroyers Episode 4 6.1
Magical Destroyers Episode 5 7.1
Magical Destroyers Episode 6 7.9
Magical Destroyers Episode 7 7.1
Magical Destroyers Episode 8 7.5
Magical Destroyers Episode 9 7.8
Magical Destroyers Episode 10 7.2
Magical Destroyers Episode 11 8.2
Magical Destroyers Episode 12 7.6
Source: IMDB

 While the reviews and ratings can be given a pass, a crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

Bibury Animation Studios is a relatively new production house, having started only in October 2019 and consequently has only produced five series.

Currently, the studio has listed two new projects for 2023 and beyond, thus ruling out the prospect of a renewal any time soon.

Furthermore, with the anime being any original production without no source material, such as Magical Destroyers manga, to adapt, it could be a multiyear wait before the series is renewed.

All in All, any updates on Magical Destroyers Season 2 trailer and Magical Destroyers Season 2 release date will most likely not be announced before 2025.


Magical Destroyers Season 2 PLOT 1
Source by Bibury Animation Studios

In the final episode of Magical Destroyers Season One, “What You Like, as Much as You Like,” the otakus celebrate their victory at the Diet Building before Nick calls them back to Akiba.

Shobon reveals that the entire world, including the Otaku Hero as the final, was his creation to take revenge on the Otaku who despised him.

Furthermore, Kyotaro was the Point of View character the whole time, as the flying mascot transforms into Origin. 

Otaku Hero fights against Shobon but is quickly killed by the Magical Destroyers, who then join the SSC against the Otaku. 

However, the otaku holds a funeral for Otaku Hero as his helmet is picked up by an unknown member of the Shobon Army. 

Over the next two years, despite the SSC’s extermination campaign of Otaku across Japan and the world, rumors persist that Otaku Hero is still alive. 

Shobon holds a ceremony to burn a large pile of otaku paraphernalia, but Shobon discovers the world has gone off-script as a new generation of Otaku Hero and his friends reveal themselves to challenge the SSC and the Magical Destroyers, while Origin laughs at the scene from afar.

Although there is no source material available for a Magical Destroyers Season 2 plot, based on the season one ending, we can expect the battle between the SSC and Otkau to resume.

A breed of youngsters will take center stage as they fight for their rights against the SSC.

We shall also get more information and backstory on Saito and Origin, who are both linked in creating a new world.

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Source by Bibury Animation Studios

Magical Destroyers is directed by Hiroshi Ikehata with series composition from Daishiro Tanimura.

Characters are designed by Yuki Sawa, and the music is composed by Gin Hashiba. 

Animation is produced by studio Bibury Animation Studios, with Hirofumi Sakagami serving as art director.

You can find the list of Magical Destroyers characters and voice cast below:

 Anarchy Fairouz Ai
 Otaku Hero Makoto Furukawa
 Blue Aimi
 Idol Otaku Haruki Ishiya
 JSDF Otaku Ikuto Kanemasa
 Military Otaku Junji Majima
 Nick Kazuyuki Okitsu
 Marcus Kenta Miyake
 Unit-@ Kouki Uchiyama
 Eve Maki Kawase
 Adam Nobuhiko Okamoto
 Cringemobile Driver Nobuyuki Hiyama
 Chōgō Master Shigeru Chiba
 Pro-Wrestling Otaku Shinya Takahashi
 Train Otaku Shō Okumura
 SHOBON Sōma Saitō
 Game Otaku Takehito Koyasu
 Anime Otaku Tetsu Inada
 Old Leader Tomokazu Sugita
 Kyōtarō Tomori Kusunoki
 Pink Tomoyo Kurosawa
 Slayer Yū Serizawa


Source by Bibury Animation Studios

Considering the reviews of the first season coupled with the studio s’ production capacity, expect a long wait before Magical Destroyers Season 2 gets announced.

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