People Are Using Their Dogs As Guards When At The ATM And It's As Funny As It Is Fierce

Among the best guard for families are ATM protection . With the rise of crime, and ATM crimes in particular, bringing your dog for his walk as you pull money out the bank is really a common sense move. It not only takes care of two errands at once, but also pretty much guarantees your safety. Whether you have a small or big dog, your pet is bound to defend you and cause a racket is someone tried to rob or mug you.
Even if your pooch is more of a timid sort, most people will think twice about messing with someone who is accompanied by an animal. After all, man’s best friend could easily double as one of the best ATM defense systems. Check out these photos of guard dogs at the ATM that range from adorable to fierce and vote up the ones that make you smile.

The "General" Only Takes Orders From His Master

She’ll Need A Tighter Grip If Anyone Approaches

They Have Their Owner’s Back

He’ll Cut You Down On His Owner’s Command

Will Protect For Belly Rubs, Treats, And Daily Walks

This Brindle Pup Is Bad To The Bone

24/7 Coverage From Man’s Best Friend

No One Will Get Past These Twin Towers Of Power

A Small But Stealthy Guardian Watches Over His Human

This Protector Has You In His Sights

Ready To Attack At Any ATM-Related Provocation

Never Get Between A Mom And Her Pups, Even Here

He’s Focused On Everything Around Him – Even If You’re Not

A Fierce Protector Hides In Plain Sight