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50+ Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating

This list of celebrities caught cheating is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. When famous people get caught cheating it is devastating to their relationships, but very entertaining for gossip hounds. Actors, directors, and athletes have all been busted for having affairs. Many celebrities have even been caught cheating multiple times. Who is the most […]

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The Hottest Minka Kelly Bikini Pictures

  The hottest pictures of Minka Kelly in a bikini, swimsuit, or other swimwear. Minka Kelly is well known for being one of the hottest actresses in the history of the world. Especially as the ridiculously sexy star of the TV show Friday Night Lights. It is to be expected that people yearn for a […]

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Really Tired People Caught Sleeping in Public

It’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep. Sure, with the perfect bed, in the perfect dark room, at the perfect temperature, anyone can sleep for hours. But it takes true talent to fall asleep like the people on this list. Unfortunately for these folks, the day just proved too long and the […]

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13 Celebs Who Went Through A Major Goth Phase

The words “goth” and “celebrity” go together like black lipstick and a smart suit. In other words, it’s an unexpected combination. You wouldn’t think there would be that much crossover between the mainstream glamor of the ultra-famous and the moody cool of the goth aesthetic. It’s not often you see a celeb strut the red carpet in the darkest […]

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The Hottest Evangeline Lilly Bikini Pictures

  The hottest pictures of Evangeline Lilly in a bikini, swimsuit, or other swimwear. You probably know Evangeline Lilly from her breakout role on the TV series, Lost. You also might know her as just one of the hottest actresses ever, or more recently from her role in the movie Ant-Man. Since she is so […]

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27 Amazing Photos of People Who Randomly Bumped Into Their Doppelgänger

They say there’s somebody out there for everyone, and doppelgangers add an entirely new dimension to that phrase. As many fans have noted, certain celebrities already possess uncanny similarities to each other, and celebrities, at least in this instance, are just like us. Collected here are random people who look exactly like each other, noticed the resemblance, and […]

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7 Celebrities Who Were Almost Never Born

Hard to believe, but there are many famous people who were almost never born. Based on their parents’ decisions, these celebrity births almost never happened. Justin Bieber’s mom has said that she was contemplating having an abortion when she was pregnant with him. Tim Tebow’s mom said the same thing; they even made a commercial about […]

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22 Hilarious Flyers Found on College Campuses

College students all over the world are familiar with the campus flyer. College is full of traditions, but none are more time-honored than campus flyers. It’s where you can find anything. Even in this Internet day and age, students still love leaving posters around campus offering services, inviting people to parties, and looking for lost pets. Why? No […]

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25 Spot-On Cosplays of American Cartoon Characters

Japanese anime characters aren’t the only cartoons that get awesome cosplays; American animated series get lots of love, too! Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and many more TV channels all have kids and adult cartoons unique to America, and you certainly can’t skip over the fact that there are some awesome cosplays of the cartoons they’ve aired […]

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33 Beautiful Celebrity Girls with Adorable Freckles

List of the hottest women with freckles, including actresses, models and musicians. These babes have that girl-next-door sun kissed look that only enhances their good looks. While some celebrities with freckles cover up their sun spots with foundation or makeup, the ladies on this list often show them to the world. Freckles can be found […]