My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Spoilers: Machia’s Past

So, we got the My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Spoilers and it is completely insane. The next chapter is titled, “It’s a Small World”.

The chapter begins with Machia attacking All For One and on the page, we do see Machia continuing his hack against All For One, by picking up a large section of mountain and forest in his hand, scooping it, and getting ready to throw it at All For One, as he screams out loud. 

On the same page, we see Tokoyami realizing that this is all happening because of Shinsou’s brainwashing, and at that point, he also wonders if an attack from All For One would it nullify Shinsou’s quirk, but Hawks replies that Mt. Lady blocking the attacks at Machia, pretty much taking them all herself or at least blocking them the giant wrench that she is holding, and I really like the paneling that Horikoshi does on the page. 

We are between Tokoyami and the battle, where Machia is swinging at All For One, we see that Tokoymi and Hawks are inside of the giant sort of Dark Shadow but there is a Dark Shadow eye theme sort of separating line between the two different panels. 

We see All For One in the midst of all these different attacks that are coming his way, like the attacks from Mount Lady, Machia, Dark Shadow, and Inasa, and he is kind of destroying all the rocks and all the pieces of things flying towards him or at least we are pulsing them away, so he is not taking a lot of damage here but we see that this is taking a lot of his focus, but not too much of his focus for him to stop thinking.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Spoilers

On the next page, we see that All For One starts thinking to himself, and he realizes that at this point the Quirk that is being used on Machia right now, the brainwashing quirk, has to also be the same reason why the Aoyama Family managed to deceive him earlier in the day at the beginning of the war arc.

All For One then mocked Shinsou by saying that brainwashing is a method that only villains should use, and we see All For One, reach his hand out toward Machia as some energy starts to come from his hand as he hits MAchia with a giant shock wave to try and knock him back to his senses, and this shock wave does seem to be incredibly powerful because it seems like it even sends Machia flying for a bit. 

This is where things started to take a turn, and I am sure, even All For one could not have predicted it. We see as MAchia recovers from the attack that All For One shot in his direction, then he actually starts to speak and say something quite surprising! 

Machia says that he knows that that guy is All For One, because of his smell, but he questions why All For One abandoned him in Jaku. All For One makes a really confused face, at just exactly what is going on here, but at the same time Hawks is also confused and wonders if Shinsou is making Machia talk, but in that moment when he is thinking that, he wonders how Shinsou could have done that so fast, after the attacks, especially since he didn’t hear Machia respond to what Shinsou said at any point at that moment. 

It was here when we see a flashback to the moment where All For One leave Machia in the mountains and this had to be quite a long time ago because this is before the fight between All For One and All Might, where All Might pretty much crush All For One’s head because we see that All For One still does have his hair here when he is abandoning Machia. 

So you can assume that it is been a pretty long time since the last time that Machia actually saw All For One in person before all this stuff ended up going down, but even all the way that far back All For One had his plans for the future laid because he tells Machia that his successor would come for him one day and that he is very sad to say goodbye. 

Machia says that he is been waiting all this time but now he realized that he was actually abandoned by All For One, and in addition to that, we also see Machia actually cries. 

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