Kingdom Season 5 Release Date Confirmed In Winter 2023

Kingdom Season 5 release date officially revealed!

Usually, animes either run for 12 or 24 episodes, and some of the best scenes are kept in the beginning to attract the audience. The creator has to establish an immediate connection to express a short story in limited episodes.

But there are exceptions where the first few episodes are either filled with cliches, negatives, or poor CGI, which loses the interest of the viewer and hence gets deemed as a flop.

Such is the case with Yasuhisa Hara s’ manga titled Kingdom, whose anime adaption by Pierrot was received with the aforementioned directives.

Kingdom is an epic telling of real historical events that transpired during China s’ Warring States Period, wherein the Zhou dynasty Qin s’ king, Ying Zheng, unifies China by conquering other states.

The plot follows two orphans, Xin and Piao, who have been working in the Qin Kingdom as servants and dream of becoming the Great General of Heaven someday.

Piao is secretly recruited to serve the royal palace leaving Xin alone in the village. When Piao returns to the village, he is mortally wounded, and on the brink of death, but in his last moments, Piao tells Xin to get away from the village.

Xin finds out that the royal palace used Piao as a body double to save Ying Zheng, which leaves him furious. 

Despite the anger towards Zheng, Xin uses the mishap as an opportunity to usurp the current king and his half-brother Cheng Jiao. The plan to overthrow Cheng Jiao works as Ying Zheng ascends the throne and becomes the new king of Qin.

After the successful coup d’état against Cheng Jiao, Qin joins the military as a soldier and in no time gets promoted to commander of the state army. 

Kingdom follows the Qin and his dreams to become the Great General of the Heavens as he helps Ying Zheng in his pursuit to reunite China and end the warfare.

Kingdom had mixed reception upon its arrival in 2012 as questions were raised about its poor 3D animation and slow pacing, but it remains an underrated series to date. 

Despite the lack of fervor around this medieval Chinese war anime, KingKingdom maintained a steady fanbase over the last ten years. So much so that four seasons have been released, and fans still demand more seasons.

Are you a fan of the Kingdom series and wondering if a fifth season will ever happen or not? Look further not; we got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the latest updates and announcements on Kingdom season 5.

Kingdom is rated 7.9/10 and ranked#630 with 190k members on MyAnimeList.


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Kingdom season one first aired from 4th June 2012 to 25th February 2013 for 38 episodes. Kingdom was renewed for a second the following year and ran from 8th June 2013 to 1st March 2014 for 26 episodes. 

Following this, the series took a six years gap and returned with Kingdom season 3, which aired from 6th April 2020 to 18th October 2021. Kingdom was renewed promptly for a fourth season which ran from 10th April 2022 till 2nd October 2022.

On 2nd October 2022, post the finale of season four, the show’s official Twitter account announced the renewal of the series for Kingdom season 5 and also released a key visual alongside it. Furthermore, the announcement also confirmed the Kingdom Season 5 release date as January 2024.

Kingdom Season 1 4th June 2012
Kingdom Season 2 8th June 2013
Kingdom Season 3 6th April 2020
Kingdom Season 4 10th April 2022
Kingdom Season 5 January 2024

Kingdom Season 5 trailer is yet to be released but you can watch the teaser below:


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Kingdom manga was written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara, and it began serializing in Seined manga magazine on 26th January 2006. The manga has been collected into 66 volumes and 724 chapters, with the latest issue released on 16th September 2022. Chapters 725-733 are yet to be collected into a volume format.

The manga has been one of the longest-running series, and as of 22nd June, it has sold more than 90 million copies. It also has a unique Guinness World record for being a manga written by most people on 12th December 2012.

Kingdom is one of the best-selling manga in Japan, but you’d never know it, though, because, in the west, the manga and anime are barely marketed, talked about, or even available.

It’s not small, but the Kingdom is vastly under-distributed in terms of entertainment and print media. Kingdom isn’t entirely non-fiction and contains a lot of emphasized and fictitious events of ancient China.

Yasuhisa Hara makes this a strength by instead crafting a series that, while not historically spot on, is always atmospherically accurate. The world of KingKingdomone captures the feeling of ancient Chinese civilization with impressive precision.

Kingdom manga is rated 8.9.10 and ranked #11 with 145k members on MyAnimeList.


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In the finale of season 4, “The Six Great Generals’ Whereabouts,” we saw the Ai rebellion being curtailed by Qin, whose next coup will be on Koku You Hills, which Zhao also eyes.

The fourth season ended on chapter 485 of the manga and covered parts of the State of Ai arc. Kingdom Season 5 will most likely conclude the State of Ai Arc and then cover the short 10-chapter arc from Chapter 486, Bureaucrats Job Arc.

The battle for Koko You Hills begins, and Shin s’ army gets ambushed on the first day. Things go from bad to worse when an assassination attempt occurs within the camp.



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Kingdom is directed by Jun Kamiya and written by Naruhisa Arakawa. Characters are designed by Atsuo Tobe, and music is composed by Minako Seki. Animation is developed by Studio Pierrot.

You can find the list of Kingdom characters and voice cast below:

 Ei Sei Jun Fukuyama
 Ri Shin Masakazu Morita
 Lord Changping Junichi Suwabe
 Heki Koji Yusa
 Seikyō Kouki Miyata
 Hou Ken Masaya Takatsuka
 Yang Duan He Mie Sonozaki
 Karyō Ten Rie Kugimiya
 Ō Ki Rikiya Koyama
 Kyō Kai Yōko Hikasa
 Shōbun-kun Yutaka Nakano
 Piao Aki Kanada
 Si Shi Akimitsu Takase
 Long Guo Akio Kato
 Liao Ao Takahashi
 Qin child Asaki Takase
 Fa Jian Chado Horii
 You Lian Eimi Okada
 Meng Yi Fumie Mizusawa
 Qin child Haruka Iwai
 Ze Gui Haruo Satō
 Fu Hushen Hidenari Ugaki


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While the anime may not be as popular as the manga, yet there is a buzz about Kingdom season 5.