Jinx Chapter 17 Preview: Events That Led To Stockholm Syndrome

Jinx Chapter 17 will see Jaekyung take the lead as he swoops in to save Kim Dan at the most unfortunate. Kim was in trouble with his loan sharks, that kept taking benefit of him as they knew about his circumstances.

They have never shied from making the guy suffer and getting him to do their bidding. These are also the very people that wrapped him in the schemes to get the money out of him.

Doctor Kim is not an assertive man, the bottom in the story which has been suffering with everything by himself. However, he can only keep things to himself for long enough, as there are times when he is evidently beaten up. He was beaten by his loan shark when preparing to move out.

The day after, when he was asked at the gym what was wrong with him, he said he had fallen through the stairs. A thing that everyone at the gym knew he was lying about.

Jaekyung does not care about the conditions Kim is in or the suffering he goes through. He simply thinks of him as an outlet, but when Kim passed out during their sessions, he had to consider his health.

After that, their relationship started to get better little by little, but it is far from where the two can depend on each other.

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Jinx Chapter 17: Events that led to Stockholm Syndrome

The BL manhwa is a slow pace compared to the other Manhwas out there, and the development in Jinx Chapter 17 will not be a big one either. The story of this manhwa goes beat by beat instead of one significant development that changes the character completely.

Beat, for those who don’t know, is the smallest unit of a story which indicates the point in the story where there is change along with emotions involved. And given how well this story does, it’s no surprise that it can utilize such things with great finesse.

Jinx Chapter 17

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The author of the manhwa is also the one that has been working on Manger Kim. And given how great that story was, many of the readers of that series came to this series.

However, they were a bit surprised with how raw this series was compared to the author’s other work. In the beginning, there seemed to be no subtlety among the characters until we got a little further into the series.

Many readers expect Jaekyung to fall for Kim as he learns more and more about the timid little man. But that’s not how Stockholm Syndrome goes, Kim has always been the victim in his life, and it was no surprise when he started to develop feelings for Jaekyung.

It came as a shock, sure, but the delivery was perfect, and it shook Kim to his emotional core. Although, Kim wasn’t the only one who was unsure of what Jaekyung did.

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Jinx Chapter 17 Preview

Kim was forced to give away his money in the events before Jinx Chapter 17. He was late for work due to looking out for a place to stay as his residence was about to be demolished as per his contract. Unfortunately for him, he came across his bullies/loan sharks, and they saw him talking about looking for a place. They took him to his place and hit him till they learned why he was moving out of the place. And once they learned he had been getting money recently, they weren’t gonna let him go.

Jinx Chapter 17

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Jaekyung was annoyed that Kim Dan was late for the gym and asked around if anyone knew where he was. His Coach pitched in and said he hadn’t come, nor had he informed anything on the matter. So the coach did the natural thing and asked for him.

Meanwhile, the loan sharks were going through his phone and soon found a hulking figure entering the apartment wearing a mask. This will be the moment for Jaekyung to show a side he has never seen before. How would he feel when Kim Dan was being used by other people? And what will his reaction be to learn that Kim had been suffering due to these people?

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