Jaw-Dropping Pictures Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time


Pictures of items worn down over the years provide poignant illustrations of the passage of time. On a natural level, eroding geological formations demonstrate how the Earth changes; more personally, before-and-after photos of worn-down objects remind viewers that nothing is permanent. Age comes before physical beauty in the majority of these photos, but that doesn’t make them any less alluring to the eye.
Timeworn Stairs

A New York Building After A Pressure Wash

Customer Imprints At A Bank

Layers Of Posters

A Silver Dollar After More Than 60 Years In Someone’s Pocket

Exposed To Normal Air Versus Sea Breeze

One Remote Belongs To A Smoker

41 Years Of Sharpening

A Fax Machine’s Paper Cuts

A Dog Collar After Hitting The Water Bowl For 13 Years

Hiking Poles After 1,000 Miles

Penny For Your Years

A Steel Plate At An Amusement Park

A Teddy Bear After 30 Years

An Old Tetherball Pole

12 Years Of The Same Paw Opening This Door

Age Rings In A Barbershop

The Ghost Of A Wedding Band After 55 Years

Past, Present, And Future Caps

12 Years Of Continuous Use Vs. The Once-A-Year Leaf

Fresh Bills Versus Old Ones

An Old Chisel

A 30-Year-Old Shaving Brush

Victorian Portrait Or Worn-Down Radio Button?

Decade-Old M&Ms

A Path For Blind People Warped By Cars