How To Watch No Math School Trip Episodes? Streaming Guide

SBS is back with another Korean variety show – No Math School Trip. Since its trailer launch, the show has attracted a massive audience due to the cast members of the show. The show is led by one of the most popular host cum producers of the Korean show ‘Running Man’ – Choi Bo Pil.

No Math School Trip is a simple variety show in which six rogues take part in a beautiful journey through a small town covered in snow. Throughout the trip, they participate in unusual games and special tasks that make them laugh and display their natural chemistry.

The Korean variety show premiered its first episode on March 9, 2023. Currently, at its second episode, the variety show has already grabbed the audience’s interest through the chaos and unlimited entertainment provided by the members of the show. Filled with comedy, unique missions, and games, the show has its viewers glued to their screens.

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What Is No Math School Trip About?

No Math School Trip, also known as “School Trip Without School,” “Suhak Obneun Suhakyeohaeng,” and “SuSuHaeng,” is a variety show which brings together a never-seen-before combination of six popular idols and artists. The show features four same-age friends cum idols – D.O. (EXO), Zico (Block B), and singers Crush and Choi Jung Hoon. Apart from these popular K-pop idols, two experienced comedians, Lee Yong Jin and Yang Se Chan, also appear in the show.

The six men travel to Hokkaido, Japan, to enjoy a trip. While traveling, they will participate in activities like games and tasks while discussing current events and gossip. The show is expected to be comedic and chaotic because these six middle-aged men are known for being chaotic and unruly.

Therefore, you can already understand why the variety show received its attention. The idols and comedians’ fans already love the members’ synergy and bonding.

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Who Are The Casts Of No Math School Trip?

The main cast rather members of the variety show include EXO’s D.O., Block B’s ZICO, Crush, Choi Jung Hoon, Lee Yong Jin, and Yang Se Chan.


Doh Kyung Soo, popularly known as D.O., is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the K-pop boy band EXO. As an actor, his first work is a Korean movie, Cart. In 2021, D.O. released his first solo single with the song “Rose.”

D.O. in No Math School Trip (Credits: Official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY)


Woo Ji Hoon, popularly known by his stage name, Zico, is a Korean rapper, music producer, singer, and songwriter. He is a member and the leader of the K-pop boy band Block B. He is also a member of Fanxy Child, a hip-hop crew.

No Math School Trip: Zico

Zico in No Math School Trip (Credits: Official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY)


A Korean R&B and hip-hop singer, Shin Hyo Seob, popularly known as Crush, debuted in April 2014 with a single, “Sometimes.” He is also a part of Fanxy Child, the hip-hop crew, which even Zico is a part of.

No Math School Trip: Crush

Crush in No Math School Trip (Credits: Official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY)

Choi Jung Hoon

A Korean singer, songwriter, and musician, Choi Jung Hoon is a member of a rock band, Jannabi. He is the main vocalist of the band. In 2022, he appeared in the show “Hot Singers” as a music director.

No Math School Trip: Choi Jung Hoon

Choi Jung Hoon in No Math School Trip (Credits: Official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY)

Lee Yong Jin

Lee Yong Jin is a professional comedian as well as a singer. He gained recognition through a comedy show produced by tvN, “Comedy Big League.”

No Math School Trip: Lee Yong Jin

Lee Yong Jin in No Math School Trip (Credits: Official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY)

Yang Se Chan

A comedian and singer, Yang Se Chan debuted in 2003 with his band, “Triple Axel and Uwonye.” He officially became part of one of Korea’s most popular variety shows, “Running Man,” in 2017.

No Math School Trip: Yang Se Chan

Yang Se Chan in No Math School Trip (Credits: Official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY)

When Is No Math School Trip Releasing?

No Math School Trip has already premiered its first two episodes on March 9, 2023, and March 16, 2023, respectively. The show is yet to release eight more episodes. The run time of each episode is around 1.5 hours. New episodes of the show are released every Thursday. The schedule for the show is given below:

  • Korean Standard Time (Korea): 9:00 pm, Thursday.
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 5:30 pm, Thursday.
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 9:00 pm, Thursday.
  • British Standard Time (Britain): 1:00 pm, Thursday.
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia): 11:00 pm, Thursday.
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 8:00 am, Thursday.
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): noon, Thursday.
  • Time in the Philippines: 8:00 pm, Thursday.
  • Time in Spain: 1:00 pm, Thursday.
  • Time in Indonesia: 7:00 pm, Thursday.
  • Time in Malaysia: 8:00 pm, Thursday.

The episode schedule of the show is given below:

  • Episode 1: March 9, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 2: March 16, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 3: March 23, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 4: March 30, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 5: April 6, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 6: April 13, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 7: April 20, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 8: April 27, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 9: May 4, 2023, Thursday.
  • Episode 10: May 11, 2023, Thursday.

Where To Watch No Math School Trip Episodes?

All No Math School Trip episodes will be aired on the Korean television channel SBS. The episodes will also be available on the streaming platform Rakuten Viki (USA, U.K., Korea, and Japan). With a minimum subscription of U.S. $2.41 per month, you can access the show’s episodes and other content. You can watch some of the highlights of the episodes on the official YouTube Channel, SBSENTERPLAY, but subtitles are unavailable. 

Unfortunately, the show is only limited to USA, U.K., Korea, and Japan and is not yet available to audiences worldwide. Therefore, audiences from other countries must wait for further updates regarding the show’s premiere in their country.