How to Watch HMLYCP Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

With the series already airing in Korea, the rest of the world is curious about how to watch HMLYCP. The series is stylized as the short form of its full Korean name Hyemiriyechaepa. The series has originated in South Korea where we witness a reality TV drama taking place. ENA Network has commissioned the show for their network. The format of the episodes is simple. We witness the Hyemiriyechaepa group which is currently in a remote mountain village in Korea.

The camera follows them around as the group is being really uncomfortable and going out of their way to adjust to this new place and surroundings. It is very interesting to watch them all and it is obvious that they will commit mistakes after trying various things for the first time here. This is what makes it extremely fun to watch and entertaining as well. The slogan of the series as released by the creators is from no ownership to full ownership.

The cast for the reality TV series is Lee Hye Ri and Cho Mi Yeon from (G)Iddle. We also have Leejung Lee as well as Choi Ye Na and Kim Chae Won from Le Sserafim along with Patricia. The episodes are entertaining enough when we witness the group getting necessary supplies in order to provide for the housing as well as fill empty houses while they are on the whole mission.

A still from HMLCYP

HMLYCP – Details

The cast, as we have talked about, includes Lee Hye Ri. She came into the industry in the form of the youngest member of the girl group named Girl’s Day back in 2010. She is at the core of this series and has previously been seen in a variety of dramas as well such as Reply 1998 and Teo Cops. After her debut, her career in the entertainment field has been pretty active and she has been hopping between the choices of dramas as well as films and entertainment.

The second member of the show is Cho Mi Yeon. She is a member of (G)iddle and is a spoonbill. PD Lee Tae Kyung has given her the title of a goddess and a princess. People are really curious in order to know what kind of transformation can be seen from her when she will go off in the charts and in the field along with her eight-color charm.

The third member of the show is Leejung Lee. She is currently working as a leader of the dance crew at YGX. The song called Street Woman Fighter which hit the top charts and was much appreciated for its dance routine is one of her projects in which she played a key role in the same. She is very candid and confident as a human ENTP.

Then we have Choi Ye Na who works as a solo artist herself and used to be a member of the girl group Iz*One. She is very popular in the Korean entertainment industry where there have been love calls made to her from entertainment programs such as Girls High School Mystery Class as well as Family Register Mate.

HMLYCP Episode Schedule

  • HMLYCP Episode 1 Release Date – The 12th of March 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 2 Release Date – The 19th of March 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 3 Release Date – The The 26th of March 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 4 Release Date – The 2nd of April 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 5 Release Date – The 9th of April 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 6 Release Date – The 16th of April 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 7 Release Date – The 23rd of April 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 8 Release Date – The 30th of April 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 9 Release Date – The 7th of May 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 10 Release Date – The 14th of May 2023
  • HMLYCP Episode 11 Release Date – The 21st of May 2023

How to Watch HMLYCP Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

In order to watch HMLYCP Episodes, fans will need to tune into the ENA Network at 7.50 PM Korean Standard Time. New episodes of the series are released every week on Sundays. As for the other places, the series is available to watch through Netflix but only in selected regions. Thus, to watch the show, all you have to do is use a VPN Network and take note of the local time zone.

  • India – 4.20 AM Indian Standard Time (the same day)
  • Europe – 11.20 PM Greenwich Mean Time
  • Australia – 10.20 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • USA – 6.20 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Canada – 6.20 PM Eastern Standard Time

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