The Most Hilariously Inaccurate Police Sketches of All Time

The life of a police sketch artist is a stressful and interesting one, to say the least. His or her job is an integral part in the investigative process. While there have been many success stories regarding the accuracy of a police sketch, this list showcases the pictures that exist along the fringes of what would be considered “good police work.” These really bad take the cake as far as horrific and laughable renderings of supposedly human faces. This list compiles all kinds of funny as well as some of the weirdest and most strange looking police composite sketches in existence. A man without eyes? A murderer without ears? A vengeful egg-man and a sad looking guy with a cabbage for a head? These bad don’t really look like , let alone actual .

This Pretty Line Drawing

A Super Violent Committed by Doug Funnie

Hair plugs? Check. Cartoon nose? Check. Jaw wired shut? Maybe!

NAILED It on the Nose. Good Thing They Used Graphing Paper.

This is the police sketch of a murder suspect in Bolivia, who apparently has no ears at all!

This X-Files Villain

I Love That The Artists Feel the Need to Sign Their Work

This Guy Who Tried to Look Super Tough, But Was Drawn as an Adorable Sesame Street Version of Himself

That One Time Daft Punk Robbed a Bank

The sketch released by The Royal Thai Police after eyewitnesses described him.

Lurch from the Addams Family Robs a House or Something

This robbery suspect kidnapped a 300 pound high school football player and made him drive around for four hours. For some reason.

This Guy Who Was Probably Just Described as ‘Ninja’

Most descriptive sketch ever, this guy was probably caught immediately.

This Owl Person, or Owl Superhero, Living Among Us

That hairline, tho.

MacCauley Culkin Now

Crackhead Steve Buscemi

Faceless Man or Vengeful Egg? You Decide!

This Is the Real Teen Wolf

Hide your wife, hide your kids because there’s a teen wolf on the loose in the state of Virginia!

Another New Orleans Sketch

Oh You Know, Cabbage Head. Good Ol’ Cabbage Head.

Authorities blamed the color of this perp’s blonde hair on a technical issue. However, it’s safe to assume that Cabbage Head is out to get us all. Classic Cabbage Head!

Man Accused of Fondling Himself in Hotel Room Also Cuts His Own Hair

If This Guy’s Got No Eyes, Then Why Does He Need Those Glasses?

Police in Scotland were looking for this man, but he certainly wasn’t looking for them!

Who Is That Masked Man?

Well, that is definitely NOT the Unibomber.

This Neck-Cape-Wearing Public Flasher

So there was once a cape wearing mustachio’d public flasher on the loose? That probably should have been bigger news.

‘Describe the Scarf Again, Please. Did It Have Layers?’ -The Sketch Artist

The One Eared Bandit?

Looks great, except for whatever is happening to this guy’s hair.

Next up on the Cartoon Network…

Is this a suspect or a character on The Boondocks?

This Woman Dressed As a Man with a Lot of Contempt For You

This murder suspect is allegedly a woman who was disguised as a man. Meaning, she put on that wig and thought: “NAILED IT!”

Elliot, Finally Arrested for Harboring a Nightmarish Extraterrestrial Lifeform

Someone get this guy some Reese’s Pieces stat!

This Probable Backup Dancer

This Child Abductor Gets a Glamour Shot Sketch

He looks so sad! He probably doesn’t even enjoy abducting children.

The Guy from Punchout

A Human Version of a Beagle Boy

This is what a Beagle Boy looks like, and yes they are from Ducktales.

They Really Went All Out on How Fat This Guy Is

Another F*cking Ninja

Sometimes you just have to dress for the cold. Is that a crime? No, but whatever this doe-eyed criminal did probably was!

Sketch Courtesy of MS Paint 101

Digital composite sketch, FTW! Welcome to the future.