Heavenly Idol Episode 11: Release Date, Recap & Where to Watch

Heavenly Idol fantasy romance k-drama with a dose of laughter brought into the mix, giving the viewers a surreal combined experience of an idol’s life, and a warrior’s struggle. An adaptation of Shin Hwa-Jin’s web based novel, ‘The Holy Idol,’ the drama explores a slight different plot line with the inclusion of romance, into the supernatural setting joined with another overused yet popular trope of transmigration elevating the story.

First episode aired 15th February, the 12 episode drama is still ongoing with the second last episode 11 set to release this week. The date is revealed below, so read further!

The Heavenly Idol is a joint directorial work of Park So Yeon and Lee So Yoon, and airs on the TvN network.

The Heavenly Idol Plot introduction

A powerful other-worldly being- high priest Pontifex Rembrary is in a war against the devil. As he is about to defeat the devil, a strong force strikes Rembrary leading him to fail in his mission and fall into the mortal world, transmigrated to the present modern-day Seoul.

Heavenly idol- ‘Wild Animals’

Upon waking up in an unfamiliar dormitory, he soon realizes he has exchanged souls with a male idol, and thus, begins his arduous journey of coping with a busy schedule, tight restrictions, and exhausting practices- all part and parcels of an idol’s life, while at the same time fighting strange dark forces and the devil which have followed him to the mortal realm.

The idol is a part of ‘Wild Animals,’ a struggling boy band facing the threat of disbanding due to dwindling popularity. Though Pontifex Rembrary might not know how to dance or sing, his innate charms, confidence, and current body’s outstanding visuals soon make the idol he possesses – Woo Yon Woo and ‘Wild Animals’ popular.

This successful reversal is also made possible by Kim Dal-Woo Yon Woo’s big fangirl and the group’s new road manager, who, with her sincere efforts and dedication, made it her mission to save her idol. Cue the king of darkness who possesses Shin Jo Woon, the vice president of the entertainment company that manages ‘Wild Animals,’ chaos ensues as the high priest sets to collide with his revived nemesis.

Heavenly Idol Main Cast

Kim Min-kyu plays the role of the male lead as Pontifex Rembrary, or Woo Yon Woo, the visual member of the idol group ‘Wild Animals’ whose body is possessed by Rembrary. Kim Min Kyu perfectly captures and expresses the strong moral principles and compassion for people held by Rembrary, his struggles of adapting to the idol life and feelings for Kim Dal.

Heavenly Idol Episode 11

Kim Min-kyu as Pontifex Rembrary/ Woo Yon Woo

The strong and resilient female lead- Kim Dal is played by Go Bo Gyeol. Kim Dal is a diehard fan of Woo Yon Woo, and she falls in love with Rembrary who is using her idol’s body as his vessel in the mortal world when he helps her at her lowest point.

Heavenly Idol episode 11

Go Bo Gyeol as Kim Dal

The evil antagonist is aptly portrayed by Lee Jang Woo as menacing and ruthless in his pursuit of his selfish desires and thirst for revenge from Pontifex. This devil character follows Rembrary into the mortal world and controls the vice-president of the company of the idol group which Woo Yon Woo is a part of- ‘Wild Animals.’ This evil one is a master manipulator and user of black magic.

Heavenly Idol

Lee Jang Woo as Shin Jo Woon/ THE Devil

Park Sang Nam plays the role of the grim reaper who arrives into the mortal realm and becomes a road manager for ‘Wild Animals,’ to look after Woo Yon Woo and help Rembrary.

Heavenly Idol Episode 11

Park Sang Nam as the Grim Reaper

Heavenly Idol Episode 10 Recap

Kim’s confession and Rembrary’s Candy CF

Rembrary and Kim Dal are left flustered after Kim mustered up the courage to confess, and their closeness ends up being captured by a reporter, leading to a big scandal with Woo Yon Woo accused of dating a non-idol, especially at a sensitive time when he is supposed to be part of a dating show.
Kim resigns from her manager position and leaves the company, but not before taking the blame on herself by announcing that she is a stalker of Woo Yon Woo, letting the latter turn into a victim in the public eye. Wild Animals’ successes pile up with their latest release, and the group receives much attention and love, along with various new offers and works.

Heavenly Idol Episode 11

The Heavenly Idol- Episode 10

Woo Shin invites Rembrary to film a candy commercial with him as a thank you to the latter for saving Woo Shin from an accident set up by a member of the ‘Evil Boys.’ Rembrary learns from the most remorseful member of the group the source of the Evil Boys’ invisibility powers and how they turned into goblins. It began with a religious group that promised the previously failing idol group stardom and success.
The remorseful goblin requests Rembrary to help them return to normal.

The candy conundrum

Rembrary’s candy commercial is a huge hit, and orders rise out of expectations, sales skyrocketing. The devil poison’s the candies, and consumers fall sick, getting admitted to the hospital. Over 150 are reportedly on life-support, the CEO of the Candy company escapes, and Woo Shin throws Rembrary to take the brunt of the public’s anger.
Failing to heal the victims, Rembrary panics as he learns he has lost his powers, and the devil taunts him, informing him of the reason for his loss- his feelings for Dal. The evil one urges Rembrary to commit suicide, and Dal arrives to stop him. Rembrary warns her to stay away from him, but she does not pay this attention and finds Gam Jae, the grim reaper who provides a solution that shall make Rembrary forget Kim Dal.

Kim might even have to die for Rembrary to keep his powers. Rembrary refuses; Kim takes the fall for the candy incident on herself and tells Rembrary that she believes in him. Her trust in Rembrary helps him regain his powers, and he heals the poisoned patients. Rembrary seems to have the gift of the deity and realizes the devil’s plan to misguide him.

Heavenly Idol Episode 11 Release Date

This week, we can expect to see Rembrary and Kim Dal’s budding relationship and the banishment of all the evil forces for good.

The second last episode 11 of Heavenly Idol is all set to release on 22nd March, 2023, Wednesday, at 22:30 hours, KST.

  • For viewers in the US: 9:30 am EST on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in Canada: 9:30 am NT on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in India: 7:00 pm IST on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in Australia: 12:30 am AEST on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 9:30 pm PHT on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in Japan: 10:30 pm JST on Wednesday, March 22nd..
  • For viewers in Britain: 1:30 pm UTC on Wednesday, March 22nd.

Heavenly Idol: Where to Watch

The broadcast of Heavenly Idol airs on TvN network in South Korea, and for international audiences all episodes of the drama can be viewed on Rakuten Viki, and Viu. Though these streaming sites may not be available in some regions, fans may use legal VPN’s to access all past and present episodes.

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