Girls in Bikinis Shooting Guns

Hot girls with guns? Hot chicks with guns. You want babes with guns? Well, here are some babes with guns. What’s hotter than a hot chick shooting a gun? I don’t know, maybe a hot chick in a bikini shooting a gun. Or just holding a gun.
There’s just something about hot chicks and guns that really does it for me. Maybe it does it for you too? Vote up your favorite now!

Sexy Pinup Girl Steps in Something

Some Girl About to Shoot Some Birds Accidentally

Playboy Playmates and Their Boomsticks

I Don’t Know If It’s Safer to Shoot Guns or Fry Bacon in Bikinis

Duel-Wielding With Sub-Madonna Arms

Insert Women + Kitchen Joke

The Most 90s Thing Here Isn’t Her Hair or the BG, but the Gun Decoration

Yes, This Counts

Back When Chicks Were More Badass. and Racist, Probably.

Cowboy Boots, Cowboy Town, Target Bikinis

The Most American Red-Eye Picture Ever Taken

Candy Bracelets Pairing Perfectly With Semi-Automatic Weapons AGAIN

This Image Famous Has Sarah Palin’s Head Shopped Into It

Back When the Moon Was a Big Deal