Funny Tree Puns That’ll Leaf You in Awe

If you’re looking for the best tree puns in the history of the Internet, you’re bark-ing up the right tree. Leaf it to these magical images to guide you through a magical photo gallery forest of tree memes. These tree puns aren’t too sappy, and they’re funny even if you’re not acorn-y person. Did you get all of that? Good.

No Butts About It

Typical Tree-way

It’s Time to Face Facts

All Bark, No Bite

Stop Being Such a Birch

Stump in the Road

It’s Easy Oak-Kay

The Girl is Pine

Clever Girl

Corn to Be Bad

Let it Tree

Don’t Leaf Me Hanging

The Trees Knees

Losing Your Patience

A Moment of Paws

The Spruce is Loose

Corn Again

Ash for Miles

Poor Sap