Foods That Weirdly Look Like Beloved Fictional Characters

Ever had that awkward experience where you were sitting around eating dinner and then suddenly, mid-meal, you noticed that a piece of your food looked a little… familiar? While food that looks like people has occasionally captured the attention of the masses ever since Jesus first appeared in someone’s morning toast, the that you’ll find here go a bit of a more whimsical route. You see, although the you’ll find below may remind you of familiar characters, they tend to be ones you’re more likely to have seen on a movie screen than met in person. These are that weirdly look like your favorite fictional characters.

This Apple That Looks Like a Gaurdian of Ga’hoole

This Walnut That Looks Just Like Chewbacca

This Rocky Looking Pepper That’s Channeling Its Inner Champion

The Strawberry That Looks Like Mother Hen

This Potato That Looks Like This Smug Lamb

This Incredibly Angry Angry Birds Shaped Onion

This E.T. Hashbrown that Wants to Phone Home

This Jack Skellington Onion

This Pooh Shaped Potato

These Squash Hens

This Brother Bear Shaped Straw-bear-y

The Happiest Potato On Earth

This Ultra Creepy Apple That Wonders Why So Serious?

Dunna Dunna Dunna Dunna Jam Batman!

This Kung Fu Cucumber

This Grimace-Like Eggplant

This Maleficent Like Pumpkin Stem

This Kermit Brussels Sprout Prepares To Casually Sip Tea

This Radish That May Be Distantly Related to The Marshmallow Man

To The Vegetable Section and Beyond!

This Lamb Chop That Wants You To Come To The Dark Side

This Super Strawberry Mario Brother

This Pinocchio Like Eggplant That May Not Be Completely Forthcoming