Fight Class 3 Chapter 94: Release Date & Where To Read

Fight Class 3 AKA Gyeoggi 3 Ban, is the story of a young boy called Jui Ji-Tae. He lost his mother at a very young age leaving him and his younger sister orphans. Even though his father was alive, he was never around. He didn’t even show up to his wife’s funeral. He showed up later that day and, from the looks of it, kidnapped his youngest daughter. Jui Ji-Tae, who tried to stop him, was knocked out.

In the present day, Jui Ji-Tae woke up at his part-time job after suffering from a nightmare about his father. His manager was the one who woke him up. Now that he is here, Ji-Tae gets ready for school. He attends Nam-Il High School.

The school is famous but not for its academics. The school is known for its fight classes. Even though his father was a martial artist, he never had any real interest in the sport.

Near the entrance of them Nam-Il High, he sees Lee Ji-Eun waiting for him with his homework. Ji-Eun is the Granddaughter of the person who owns the Boarding House Ji-Tae is staying in. Ji-Tae asks her how she got it as he leaves it inside his room. Ji-Eun halfheartedly confesses that she went through his room again. It is obvious that Ji-Eun has a thing for Ji-Tae. However, Ji-Tae is too dense, and Ji-Eun is too shy.

Jui Ji-Tae And His Little Sister At Their Mother’s Funeral – Fight Class 3 Chapter 1

Then he runs into his other friend Na Ok-Dong. He is obsessed with the Fight Class, and the only reason he joined Nam-Il High was to remain close to them. He has a blog about the same. He is seen carrying a camera at all times, taking snaps of people from the Fight classes. His blog is very detailed. He is like a Nam-Il High Fight Class Encyclopedia. While they were talking, Kim Dong-Won arrived. 

He is an upperclassman in the Fight Class and has a crush on Ji-Eun. He confessed his undying love for Ji-Eun 4 times. And he was rejected four times. He blames Ji-Tae for this and tries to attack him. However, Ji-Tae dodges his attack with ease. He tries attacking again but is stopped by Maria Dacascos. Ji-Tae thanks her for saving him and the latter, along with his friends, goes to their respective classes. 

At the Gym, Maria interrogates Dong-Won. He tells her that Ji-Tae is weird and that he didn’t even touch him once. Dong-Won tells Maria that it’s almost as if Ji-Tae is slow and fast simultaneously. Almost as if he knows what attack is going to happen before it happens. She decided to test his skills herself, and she was satisfied. She took it upon herself to get train him and to get him admitted into the Fight Class.

Jui Ji-Tae Dodging A Blow From Kim Dong-Won - Fight Class 3 Chapter 1

Jui Ji-Tae Dodging A Blow From Kim Dong-Won – Fight Class 3 Chapter 1

Fight Class 3 Chapter 93 Recap – What Is The Story So Far?

In Fight Class 3 Chapter 93, we see Yung-Gu on the hospital bed with his girlfriend nearby. We know that he was stabbed. His girlfriend is asking how he feels at the moment. To which Yung-Gu replies, his life flashed before his eyes. When asked if he saw his girlfriend in the flashback, he does not give a good answer prompting the girlfriend to get mad. Seeing this, he changed his answer really quickly. 

She asks him if the rumors are true. If the things Ga-Hee said had any truth in them. She says that it was too big to be just a rumor. Yung-Gu explains that he was a spur-of-the-moment thing as they were speaking badly, and unfortunately, he let his anger get the best of him. She tells him that he doesn’t have to hide his past from her. She says as long as no one got seriously hurt, she can let anything slide.

However, the only thing she won’t tolerate is him being the father of an illegitimate child. Yung-Gu doesn’t not how to react to this. He assures her that he has only ever kissed before. And therefore, she has nothing to worry about. She goes on to explain how she does want her boyfriend to be a womanizer or a drug addict. However, those things can be changed, and she is willing to help him get clean.

Yung-Gu's Friends Walking In On Him And His Girlfriend - Fight Class 3 Chapter 93

Yung-Gu’s Friends Walking In On Him And His Girlfriend – Fight Class 3 Chapter 93

A few of his friends showed up and ruined their moment. Yung-Gu asks his friends to tell his girlfriend about his past. More specifically about his leg, more specifically, lack thereof. The scene then shifts to what can only be explained as an illegal fighting ring. They seem to be providing the fighters with all the steroids they need. We see a very tall and muscular man standing over unconscious bodies.

We can assume those were his previous contents. He is wearing a tinted helmet, so we have no idea what his identity really is. Then we see his next opponent. Her name is Sunny. She is of muscular build but not as tall as him and has bandages on both arms along with blonde tips. She stretches before getting into the ring and, at the same time, ridicules her opponent for wearing a helmet, claiming he is ugly. 

Before the fight starts, the scene again changes. The person who is overseeing the fights. He is in deep thought. He is obsessing over why Kang-Du accepted a rematch. Another thing that has been troubling him is why Yang Ki-Hoon made that offer in the first place. He wonders if Jui Ji-Tae has another Ace up his sleeve. He tells Sunny that he is folding on Sector 3, and he has a favor to ask her. 

Sunny Vs Man In Helmet - Fight Class 3 Chapter 93

Sunny Vs Man In Helmet – Fight Class 3 Chapter 93

Fight Class 3 Chapter 94 Spoilers – What To Expect From The Next Chapter?

The last chapter left us with a lot of unanswered questions. We saw Sunny being asked to kill Jui Ji-Tae. We just saw her take down a behemoth of a man in hand-to-hand combat. He was over 6 Feet tall, built like a tank, and even had a helmet on. The last we saw, he was on the ground along with the bodies. Sunny’s arm punctured into the visor of his helmet.

Then we get to see a glimpse into the past. Into their childhood days. How they used to entertain themselves. Then we see an old man approach the group of kids with a pack of books. The kids address the old man as Mr. Bookworm. So it’s safe to assume that the kinds are well acquainted with this old man. It looked like, in the past Gunhyuk was a very bright child. He used to love to read.

He used to accompany the old guy to his house. On the way, there was a man who hunged himself off a tree. The old man shielded his eyes from seeing that gruesome sight. After reaching his home, they would spend the day reading his endless collection of book. Gunhyuk wonders if it was always like this. This last chapter left us with more questions than answers. Hopefully, Chapter 94 will answer at least a few of them.

Gunhyuk In His Childhood - Fight Class 3 Chapter 93

Gunhyuk In His Childhood – Fight Class 3 Chapter 93

Fight Class 3 Chapter 94 Release Date –  When To Expect The Next Chapter?

Fight Class 3 will be released on or around 24th March 2023. The list you see below is a compilation of information that I believe is relevant in helping one to find out when the next chapter of Fight Class 3, Chapter 94, will become available to the general public. The list is split based on Universal Time Zones. And each Release Date, Time, and Day of the Week has been adjusted to meet the same.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 8:00 AM.
  • Central Daylight Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 10:00 AM.
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 11:00 AM.
  • British Summer Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 4:00 PM.
  • Central European Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 4:00 PM.
  • Indian Standard Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 8:30 PM.
  • Chinese Standard Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday, 11:00 PM.
  • Singapore Standard Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday,11:00 PM.
  • Philippines Standard Time: 23rd March 2023, Thursday,11:00 PM.
  • Japanese Standard Time: 24th March 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM.
  • Korean Standard Time: 24th March 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM.
  • Australia Central Daylight Time: 24th March 2023, Friday, 12:30 AM.

Fight Class 3 Chapter 94 – Where To Read The Next Chapter?

You can read Fight Class Chapter 94 on Naver Webtoon and Naver Series. However, you might be asked to log in to your Naver Account before gaining access to the latest chapters. If you do not have one, it is no issue. You can register as a new user, and the process is pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions, and that’s it. 

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