Delayed Due To Covid + Updated Release Date Revealed

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 has a new premier date!

Rom-com animes offer a touch of relatability as opposed to other genres like shonen, mystery and isekai. We get to witness stories that explore love while creating sweet memories and friendships, just like in real life.

The popularity is with the characters who find themselves in emotional situations created by comical misunderstandings thus leading to hilarious heartful storylines.

Just like each year, Winter 2017 had love in the air as the anime adaption of Hazuki Takeoka s’ manga series hit the small screen.

The story follows Masamune Makabe, who is chubby in nature but is close friends with the wealthy, beautiful girl, Aki Adagki.

Masamune helps Aki go through her parent’s divorce, while the latter helps him fight his bullies. 

He begins to have feelings for her, and one fateful night, Masamune confesses, but in response, Aki berates him and calls him Pig s’ foot.

Aki is like a saviour to Masamune, but after hearing her reply to his confession, he is heartbroken.

After the heartbreak, he asks his grandfather to train him as he slims down and builds up muscle, thus turning into a handsome guy.

Seeking revenge, Masamune confronts Aki, but she doesn’t recognize the changed person and falls in love with him, causing his plan to fail.

He gets a mysterious letter from a person stating he knows his nickname, and it’s revealed to be Aki s’ classmate Yoshino Koiwai who soon becomes his ally.

Can Masamune take vengeance on his brutal childhood crush Aki is the central plot of the show.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season one was received with poor reviews and reactions as many found the premise of taking revenge in love as detestable.

Safe to say, the first season could not lay down its impression and is back for a second installment to correct its shortcomings.

Although the second season was already granted a release window, there has been some change due to unforeseen circumstances.

To find the new release date keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge is rated 6.7/10 and ranked #5268 with 798k members on MyAnimeList


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Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season one aired from 5th January 2017 to 23rd March 2017 for 12 episodes.

The sequel was announced back on 1st April 2022, and later, Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 release date was confirmed to broadcast in April 2023.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 will be titled Masamune-kun no Revenge R.

However, on 16th February 2023, the show’s official Twitter account shared a notice which stated the premier for Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 had been postponed to July 2023 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 1 1st April 2022
Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 Yet to be Announced

Unfortunately, an exact Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 release date and episode count are yet to be confirmed by studio Silver Link.

You can watch the Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 trailer below:


Masamune-kun’s Revenge manga AND LIGHT NOVEL CATCHUP
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Masamune-kun’s Revenge manga is written by Hazuki Takeoka and illustrated by Tiv. It began serialization in Monthly Comic Rex magazine on 27th October 2012.

The manga has been collected into 11 volumes, with the latest issue released on 26th April 2019. 

Masamune-kun’s Revenge manga is rated 7.2/10 and ranked #4821 with 92k members on MyAnimeList

Masamune-kun’s Revenge light novel is written by Hazuki Takeoka and illustrated by Tiv. It’s been published by Ichijinsha in a single volume released on 20th December 2013.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge manga is rated 7.6/10 and ranked #3711 with 4.7k members on MyAnimeList

As of April 2022, Masamune-kun’s Revenge series has sold 3.5 million copies, including digital.


_Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 PLOT
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In the finale of Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season one, “Cinderella After Twelve”, Masamune considers himself as perfect and returns home knowing his cousin Haruka along with his aunt Asae look similar to his mom Kinue.

Haruka tells Masamune about her feelings, but the latter already has someone waiting for him, and Haruka could be the next in line.

Aki, Yoshino, Neko, Tae, and Kojūrō travel by yacht and visit Aki’s summer villa at Tsunade Island. Yuisaki asks Aki if she was dumped by Masamune, and she replies that he only thinks about himself.

Her description fits his character when Masamune kicks a street lamp while admiring himself.

After spending time on the beach, the girls group together to talk about their relationship but end up studying for the entrance exams.

Aki talks to Masamune and lets him know that she is lonely. Yoshino has a day off wherein she gets a haircut and manicure from Shigeno. She sees a boy and girl similar to Masamune and Aki as children.

The boy leaves and accidentally drops his ice cream on her dress which prompts Yoshino to give her a balloon as forgiveness on behalf of the boy.

Returning to the mansion, Yoshino tells Shigeno that she wants to become prettier on her own, though she jokes about planning to dump the guy who falls in love with her.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season one is covered till Volume 6: Chapter 9 from the manga, which means Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 will begin by adapting Volume 7.

The sequel will begin with the characters arriving in Paris, which incidentally is the city of romance.

A new character will be introduced in the form of Muriel Besson, an eyepatch-wearing French girl.

She aspires to be a mangaka, but due to linguistic challenges, her stories don’t make any sense to Japanese readers.

Muriel is searching for a male manga model who portrays the image of a Japanese high schooler, and Masamune is the perfect fit.

Masamune, alongside Aki, is forced into Muriel s’ project as her brother is a Yakuza. This situation is a conundrum for Masamune as now he is stuck between Princess Cruelty and Mademoiselle Otaku.

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Masamune-kun’s Revenge CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
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Masamune-kun’s Revenge anime is directed by Mirai Minato with series composition by Michiko Yokote. Music is composed by Tatsuya Kato, and the characters are designed by Yuki Sawairi, who also is the chief animation director.

Shiho Mizumoto is the colour designer, and Art is directed by Hideto Nakahara. Sound effects are produced by Masahiro Shoji, while editing is done by Kenatoru Tsubone.

Animation is produced by Studio Silver Link, who have developed animes like Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, The Misfit of Demon King Academy, and The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat.

You can find the list of Masamune-kun’s Revenge characters and voice cast below:

 Aki Adagaki Ayaka Ohashi
 Masamune Makabe Natsuki Hanae
 Chinatsu Hayase Asuka Ōgame
 Tae Futaba Azusa Tadokoro
 Yoshino Koiwai Inori Minase
 Muriel Besson Miku Itō
 Kanetsugu Gasō Mitsuki Saiga
 Kojūrō Shuri Saori Hayami
 Neko Fujinomiya Suzuko Mimori
 Franck Besson Yasuyuki Kase
 Kinue Hayase Yui Ogura
 Shigeo Yamada Arthur Lounsbery
 Midori Yuisaki Ami Koshimizu
 Akio Tanabe Daiki Kobayashi
 Ryota Suzuki Kouji Takahashi


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COVID continues to create havoc within the anime industry, and Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 is the latest series to bear the brunt of it.

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