Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei! Chapter 24: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

This story follows a boy named Haruhisa Furuya, who holds a unique and dangerous power. When he stimulates someone, dead or alive, they go through an intense climax, which also causes evil spirits and monsters to ascend to heaven. But even with his ability, Haruhisa is among the lowest-ranking students in the exorcist academy as his abilities output can result in extreme social consequences.

However, Haruhisa’s life takes a turn when he encounters a girl who goes by Misaki Souya, and she has an evil eye that can see people’s secrets. Together, they go on a journey to become the most powerful exorcists of their time, despite being labeled the worst and useless degenerates.

Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei! Chapter 23 Recap

Chapter 23 starts with an introduction to Exorcist Association Audit Department, whose mission is to monitor and supervise spiritualists within the country. They crack down on any illicit use of spiritual powers and, when necessary, deal with the problem before it becomes known to the public within the organization known as the Exorcist Association, which protects people from spiritual disasters. It is a special department feared by exorcists.

Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei! (Credits: BookWalker)

After the information about Exorcist Association, we are introduced to a new character who knocks and excuses herself to her mentor, and her mentor corrects her by saying she prefers to be called the chief and proceeds to hand her a mission of monitoring Haruhisa Furuya. The chief says she must have heard about the rookie group of exorcists who exorcised grade 6 evil spirits, and her mentor thinks it’s worrisome how suddenly such immense power showed up.

Not only that, according to the rumors, but the exorcism ability used was also quite questionable. That’s why her job is to monitor Haruhisa Furuya so he doesn’t abuse his abilities. The fact that  Kaede Kuzunoha is involved makes it fishier. The new character is absolutely pumped up to take this task as she claims to hate both Kuzunoha and Furuya very much.

We see another new character who has a peculiar dressing style. Than usual, she was shown sitting on the building rooftop observing the office where all of the above was taking place, and she seemed to have caught up to the fact that The Audit Department was on the move and thought it would be hard for “parts holders” to move as well and decides she needs to stir things up a little with her apparition guessing herself who’s lucky enough for “justice apparition.”

We are greeted by familiar faces on the next slide as Aoi Karasuma, Misaki Souya, and Haruhisa Furuya are celebrating receiving a provisional license, a quasi-exorcism license due to the Chichi Sake Onna incident but are discouraged right after when the official informs them of their license would be revoked if they fail to produce any output,

Everyone is in a worry about losing their license, but Furuya calms them down by reminding them they have been researching succubus eyes belonging to the succubus king, but even in that, they haven’t reached far to find a solution to cure their curse.

In the classroom, Furuya is looking at the message from Kaede about how she wants to talk about something when a new transfer student enters their class, which seems to be the familiar flat-chested Mutsumi Nagumo.

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Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei! Chapter 24 Release Date

This manga’s raw has been out for quite a while now, but the English Translated version hasn’t been updated, which, by assumption, would be done this week on 2nd April; either way, there has been no official announcement about it.

Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei! Chapter 24 Spoilers

Now that Mutsumi Nagumo is here, what do you think would be her next move? Would she help Furuya or stand in his way? Another thing readers have been wondering what gender and power the Succubus king holds. Only the updates can tell.

Where to Read Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei! Chapter 24

You can follow this manga on Ursunday or BookWalker, but as stated above, these are the Japanese raw version, and there is no official English platform to catch up with Deatte Hito Tsuki De Zecchou Jorei!

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