Darwin’s Game Season 2: Release Date Confirm+Plot Revealed

Darwin’s Game Season 2 isn’t cancelled yet!

Survival games have been ever increasing genre in today’s pop culture. You have to look anywhere else than Hunger Games, Squid Games, and Balor for evidence who have been critically acclaimed.

It’s thrilling and emotional to see characters forced to compete in a dangerous contest where if they lose, death is imminent.

 Now imagine if these characters were granted special power which allow them to perform superhuman tasks. Also, add that they are granted access to a virtual store that can sell them equipment and shelter.

 To top it all off, this is all possible through a simple click on their phones; welcome to the world of Darwin’s Game based on the manga writings of FLIPFLOPs and anime adapted by studio Nexus.

 The story follows Sudo Kaname who was one day invited to try out a new mysterious mobile game called Darwin s’ Game.

 Kaname chooses to accept the invitation, a snake jumps out of his phone and bites him in the neck before he can say anything to the people around him. Kaname collapses and finds in this daily survival game. He becomes a target for all the other slasher-friendly contestants who are more focused to kill each other in order to win.

Kaname must win and expose the truth behind his death game or die trying. As you may have guessed the anime name takes after Charles Darwin, the man known

for his theory of evolution. Theme of survival of the fittest can be seen through the players’ actions. The strong could impose their will on the weak and act without constraint. They do and take what they want all so that they can accumulate more power and stay on top of the food chain.

 They will use and dispose of those around them when their usefulness runs out. The players who are not strong enough to survive are weeded out and often face the most horrible deaths. 

Can Kaname complete the Game and end the vicious cycle of sadistic death by killing the game master is the central plot of the show.

 Fans of the show have been waiting for more than two years for the second season. Are you one of them, if so keep reading to find out all the latest updates on Darwin’s Game Season 2

Darwin’s Game is rated 7.2/10 and ranked #2694 with 479k members on MyAnimeList.


Source by Nexus

Darwin game season one aired from 3rd January 2002 to 20th March 2020 for 11 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from Studio Nexus for Darwin’s Game Season 2 release date. Despite some rumors about the show s cancellation, Nexus studios haven’t confirmed the validity of it.

Speaking of renewal, If we look at the user episode ratings (check table) of Darwin’s Game, its average IMDB rating is 7.2/10.

Darwin s’ game 1 7.7
Darwin s’ game 2 7.6
Darwin s’ game 3 7.7
Darwin s’ game 4 8.0
Darwin s’ game 5 7.6
Darwin s’ game 6 7.7
Darwin s’ game 7 7.8
Darwin s’ game 8 7.8
Darwin s’ game 9 8.0
Darwin s’ game 10 7.8
Darwin s’ game 11 8.3
Source: IMDB

Darwin’s Game, maintains a steady episode rating. Furthermore, even if the all the factors pass the renewal test, finding slots in the studio’s schedule is always a painpoint.

Keeping that in mind, Nexus isn’t a high-profile animation studio, further evidenced by their projects, accounting for only six releases since 2015.Considering the studio s year-one anime policy, chances of Darwin s’ Game season 2 look bleak.

However, if the show does get renewed for a second season, we can expect a Darwin’s Game Season 2 trailer possibility announcing the release date as late 2023 of 11 episodes.


Source by Nexus

Darwin’s Game manga was written by FLIPFLOPs, and it began serialization in Bessastsu Shonen Champion magazine on 12th December 2012.

The manga has been collected into 26 volumes, with the final arc released on 8th June 2022.

The anime used up only the first eight volumes, i.e., 30 chapters from the manga, which means there is plenty of source material left to develop a second and, if possible, a third season.

According to the description of the 25th manga volume, Darwin’s game manga has sold over 7 million copies.

Darwin’s Game manga is rated 7.6/10 and ranked #1860 with 44k members on MyAnimeList.


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In the finale of season one, “Sunset Ravens,” Kaname challenges the Eight to a showdown because of his deadly actions, while Shuka takes on Wang,

Shuka manages to sever Wang s’ limbs using the wire trap sigil, while Wang engages Shuka using his space attack sigil. Wanga teleports to a safe place to save himself but mistakenly presents himself to Kaname.

Wang throws in the towel after realizing Shuka has used the High Roller, forcing the same number of Ravens to be waged.

Kaname is enraged after Wang calls him a venomous insect, but the latter disappears. The game master calls in Oboro to discuss Kaname s’ climb to the top.

The sunset ravens capture Shibuya and the episode ends with an epilogue where Kaname starts a hunting game.

Darwin’s game season 2 will pick off from the epilogue and start by adapting the ninth volume of the manga.


The Hunting game would involve killing creatures that will be given 10,000 significance points depending upon the size and difficulty of the kill,

Kaname is suspicious of the Game and feels a ruse is playing on behind the scene. A statue discovered that acts as a landmark back home raises the question, in which place are they?



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Darwin’s Game is directed by Yoshinobu Tokumoto and written by Shu Miyama. The characters are designed by Kazuya Nakanishi, and the music is produced by Kenichiro Suehiro. Animation is developed by Studio Nexus.

You can find the list of Darwin’s Game characters and voice cast below:

 Shuka Reina Ueda
 Kaname Yūsuke Kobayashi
 Themis Ai Kakuma
 Xuelan Liu Ai Kayano
 Inukai Junya Enoki
 Rain Nichika Omori
 Ichiro Hiiragi Takehito Koyasu
 Ryūji Taku Yashiro
 Sui Yumiri Hanamori
 Kanehira Akinori Egoshi
 Oboro Akira Ishida
 Akane Shito Aoi Koga
 Kyoda Chiaki Kobayashi
 Banda Eiji Takemoto
 Shinozuka Fukushi Ochiai


Source by Nexus

It may not be Game time for Darwin’s game season 2, but fans of the show can still be hopeful as the first season ended on an introductory note for the next major arc. Only time will tell whether it has any impact or not on a renewal.