Dabi’s Secret Identity Identity Revealed In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11

Dabi’s Secret Identity is confirmed! He is a Todo-what?

My Hero Academia, the popular shonen series, isn’t just about fancy quirks and engaging action sequences, as a massive part of its success is the character development involving twists and turns. 

Now in its sixth season, My Hero Academia has a big roster, with each character having an interesting backstory.

This week s’ episode featured one of the biggest reveals, which the entire fandom, especially the anime-only fans, had been waiting for since the character made its debut.

Yes, folks, we are talking about one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Dabi, whose identity and backstory have been revealed in the latest episode of My Hero Academia 6.

Ever since his first appearance Dabi albeit evil to the core, has been one of the fan-favorite characters in My Hero Academia. 

Along with his awesome blueflame quirk and his devil-may-care attitude, Dabi’s Secret Identity has been of key interest to many fans. 

So, if you missed the big reveal, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, just keep scrolling as we bring you the breakdown, including Dabi’s Secret Identity from the latest episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11, titled Dabi’s Dance.

My Hero Academia season 6 is rated 8.2/10 and ranked #248 with 365k members on MyAnimeList.


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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11, titled Dabi’s Dance, starts off by teasing us about the return of Best Jeanist as it is pretty apparent that he is the one on the plane with the extra shot of him from below and the neck showing off his iconic costume.

After the opening, we switch over to Deku while on the ground, he tells Ida to take a Bakugou and Endeavor to safety while Nejire gets an added shot, too, when Shoto tells her to keep pressing the half-baked yet still smiling Shigaraki.

We crossover to Toga and Ochako, wherein Toga throws her syringes at Ochako, making her fall back onto a bunch of stuff.

The anime removes the detail of Ochako landing and breaking a TV that turns on itself and starts playing the news. The news playing in the background gives us information about Machia getting bigger and bigger.

After Toga picks up the little All Might plush that Ochako was lucky enough to get from Deku during the Christmas party, Toga says that Ochako likes Deku as Tsuyu Asui, aka Froppy, arrives to help Ochako.

Before the pair can confront Toga, she makes an escape through the blind spot, and while returning to her comrades, Toga reveals both of them like the same person, i.e., Deku.

Toga contemplates if she can talk romance and stuff with Ochako, with the latter responding by saying ‘Tears’.

We switch to the battlefield where Dabi, on top of Machia, has arrived. Endeavor curses his presence, but Dabi tells him not to call him by that name as he got a splendid name already-Toya.

The news lines are hacked, and a global pre-recorded feed of Dabi is played, starting with him stating his real name, Toya Todoroki.


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The broadcast explains Dabi’s backstory, which begins with Endeavour seeking a child capable of surpassing All Might; hence Enji Todorok agrees to a quick marriage with Rei Himura.

When he was 22 years old, his first child Toya Todoroki was born prematurely although he didn’t inherit the quirks from both of his parents, Toya was born with a fire quirk more powerful than Enji s’ own Hellflame.

 So, when the time came, his father would train him, and later that year, his sister Fuyumi Todorok was born.

Presumably, at quite a young age, Toya was constantly trained by his father, and the young boy was quite eager to learn all of his father’s moves so that he could one day become a great hero.

Although none of his children bore the ideal quirk, Enji was satisfied with Toya and saw him capable of surpassing All Might with his powerful fire quirk alone; hence he placed his ambitions on his shoulders.

The situation changed drastically as Toya s’ red hair began to turn white, and his body suffered burns every time he used his quirk.

Enji and Rei go to see a doctor to find out what is wrong with him, and the doctor explains that while Toya has inherited a powerful fire-based quirk from his father, he also inherited his mother’s resistance to cold.

So, rather than his father’s resistance to scorching heat, meaning that he would burn himself whenever he used his flames.

Because of this, Toya was limited in how far he could safely push himself with his quirk, and as a result, Enji deemed him a failure and suddenly stopped training him.

Toya, despite the dangerous flaw in his quirk, still longed to be a Hero. When Toya grew up, he began to beg his father to continue training him, but Enji refused, saying that it was for the sake of his well-being.

Enji, while training in a forest, accidentally blows it up and later finds out that Toya is inside it, but it’s too late as only his jawbone is found.

Enji assumes Toya was killed and raises another child to fulfill his dream in Shoto. Toya grew up hating his father and has plotted his downfall ever since he gave up on his child.

Toya not only confirms he is Enji s’ first child but also exposes his involvement in the murder of Twice and Best Jeanist and his father being a criminal who Endeavor had locked away.


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Following the Dabi’s Secret Identity reveal, Endeavour is shocked and dismayed, knowing his first son was alive all this time. 

Toya further says that Endeavour is only protecting himself, and all the other people are only viewed as tools for his bidding. Dabi’s backstory sends shockwaves all around the world and doesn’t cover him in any glory despite a villain exposing his past.

The scene is ironic in many ways as Toya drops a massive truth bomb on the Number 1 Hero, which has caused more destruction than the actual battle itself, as Toya thanks Enji for being well and alive today.

A special mention to Dabi voice actor Hiro Shimono, who does a spectacular job bringing Dabi’s Secret Identity to the screen. The Dabi s’ dance likes moves have been likened to the Joker, and writer Kohei Horikoshi decided to share this new take by dropping him into attire that is this side of the Joker and helps in celebrating the villain’s dance.

Toya follows up the monologue by charging at Endeavour, stating he looked for him and simultaneously believing he was alive. Shoto realizes the magnitude of the situation and tries to snap his dad out of a shocked state, asking him to protect Deku and Bakugo while he and Hado fight.

But Endeavour doesn’t move, and it looks like he accepts his fate as Toya unleashes his fury by using his father s’ ultimate move, Flashfire Fist Prominence Burn. Before the blue flames can engulf everyone and finish them off, Blue Jeanist arrives and uses his metal cables to restrain the villains, indicating he is ready to fight.



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My Hero Academia anime is directed by Kenji Nagasaki and scripted by Yosuke Kuroda. Characters are designed by Yoshiko Umakoshi, and the music is composed by Yui Hayashi. Studio Bones develop animation.

You can find the list of My Hero Academia characters and voice cast below:

 Ochaco Uraraka Ayane Sakura
 Izuku Midoriya Daiki Yamashita
 Tomura Shigarak Kouki Uchiyama
 Tenya Iida Kaito Ishikawa
 All Might Kenta Miyake
 Katsuki Bakugō Nobuhiko Okamoto
 Shōto Todoroki Yuuki Kaji
 Tsuyu Asui Aoi Yūki
 Mina Ashido Eri Kitamura
 Present Mic Hiroyuki Yoshino
 Thirteen Inuko Inuyama
 Shota Aizawa Junichi Suwabe
 Tooru Hagakure Kaori Nazuka
 Kyōka Jirō Kei Shindou
 Hanta Sero Kiyotaka Furushima
 Yūga Aoyama Kōsuke Kuwano
 Mashirao Ojiro Kosuke Miyoshi


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Dabi’s Secret Identity had been a topic of much discussion. Still, the latest episode of My Hero Academia once again reaffirmed why all saints have a past, and all sinners have a future.