Celestial Master Chapter 8: Release Date & Where To Read

Xie You’s life had been a series of unfortunate events since the day he was born. he was blessed by thousands of evil spirits it was Heaven’s official blessing nothing taboo as evil spirits are hard to hurt which made him stronger but these blessings were not the type of kindness that any human would want. Instead, they brought Xie You endless suffering and pain.

Despite his afflictions, Xie You had managed to survive and even thrive by pretending to be disabled. It was a part of the agreement he had made with the devil when he was born. If he ever revealed his true abilities, he would be cursed with even greater torment.

Now, as a young adult, Xie You found himself in a new predicament. The five families had made a marriage contract with his family, and they were obligated to fulfill it. Failure to do so would result in Xie You losing his sight permanently.  they believed that he was disabled and not capable of fulfilling the duties of a spouse.

Even if Xie You manages to choose his wife from his five fiancees, the other four would die. On top of this, the person he cherished the most, his grandfather, had passed away. Xie You was left with an impossible decision to make.

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Celestial Master Chapter 7 Recap

Chapter 7 opens with a bang as the “Hundred Spirits Of The Night” witnesses Xie You’s power. They are taken aback and question how a monster like him is allowed to exist by the celestial master mansion. However, before they can do anything, Xie You wipes them away in an instant. Meanwhile, on the other side,

Celestial Master(Credits: 创迹文化)

Zhen Sihai, President of the Taoism alliance branch, notices that the calling of Hundred Spirits of the Night abruptly stops. He wonders if the compass is broken but immediately concludes that this situation is very strange as it has never been wrong for centuries.

Xie You goes back inside the house to talk to his grandfather’s picture, telling him he definitely has to keep his word. However, two men come in and rudely start claiming Xie You needs to pay a protection fee as his grandfather is dead and there is no one to take care of him.

Celestial Master Chapter 8: Release Date, Spoilers and Where To Read

Celestial Master(Credits: 创迹文化)

Xie You’s evil spirits encourage him to kill them as they are filthy and don’t deserve to live. Xie You becomes annoyed by the constant babbling in his ear and becomes furious, shouting at them to shut up as he still hasn’t acknowledged them even if he needed their help. The other two men are a bit surprised, thinking they are the ones being told to scram away by the weak Xie You.

Coming to their senses, one of them tightens his wrist around Xie You’s collar, but before he can hit him, he gets hit by the tomboy girl who smashes his head and the other man instead of helping his partner out is mesmerized by her hostile look

Celestial Master Chapter 8: Release Date, Spoilers and Where To Read

Celestial Master(Credits: 创迹文化)


Celestial Master Chapter 8 Spoilers

Although we are not made aware of her name, everyone’s favorite fiancée is the tomboyish girl. Would she be able to beat the two men or would she introduce herself properly as the girl from Xie You’s past? And will we get to see more interaction from the other four girls? Everyone is eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Celestial Master.

Celestial Master Chapter 8 Release Date

Celestial Master Chapter 8 is expected to be released in between this week as there is no official news about the next updates as the updates for the Celestial Master Manhua have been irregular.

Celestial Master Chapter 8 Where to Read

Right now there’s no official platform where you can catch up with the manhua but if there’s an update we will keep you posted.

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