Black Clover Movie Trailer Revealed + Release Date Announced

Black Clover movie has finally got a release date, Phew!

One of the most trying periods of being an anime fan is the wait for a new season of your favorite anime. The waiting game becomes even more tiresome when the anime is a hit shonen series like Black Clover.

Black Clover is a fantasy adventure series based on the manga writings of Yuki Tabata and an anime adapted by Pierrot Studios.

The last we saw of Black Clove was almost a year ago, with the fourth series installment ending on October 2021. Since then, fans have been desperately waiting for some new Black Clover content, and it looks like the wait is over.

As Black Clover season 4 came to an end, fans were worried that their favorite series would be cancelled, but luckily it wasn’t the case as the show s’ creators confirmed a new Black Clover movie.

Black Clover Movie has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, but fans were getting irate about the lack of release date and trailer. 

Well, there is no need for headbanging anymore as finally we have received some big announcements and reveals about the movie. 

If you are a Black Clover fan who clicked on this article expecting updates, you are at the right place; keep scrolling.


Source by Pierrot

On 29th May 2021, Black Clover s’ official Twitter account announced the decision to make a Black Clover movie. 

The announcement was made alongside the first key visual of the movie, which featured the series’ main lead, Asta. During the Jump Festa 2022 event, a second key visual was released featuring Yuno.

On 9th March 2022, the show s’ official website announced the Black Clover Movie release date as 2023, and on 13th March 2022, the Black Clover Movie trailer was released.

There is no update from studio Pierrot on the premiere date for the movie, but the title tentatively is called Black Clover Movie 2023. 

Either way, creators usually release OVAs and movies post the dump months, i.e., after January and February. The movie Demon Slayer: Mugen was released on October 2020 and went on to become a blockbuster. Hence, we can expect Black Clover Movie 2023 to get a Summer or Spring 2023 release.

UPDATE: Black Clover movie is officially titled as Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King and it will release on 31st March 2023. You can watch the latest Black Clover movie trailer below:

UPDATE FEB 2023 : Black Clover Movie release date has been postponed due to COVID infection and is now scheduled to premier on 16th June 2023.


Source by Pierrot

We first need to go over the trailer to unveil a few hidden details to answer the question.

Based on this promotion teaser of the movie, we can tell that the movie will take place after the time skip and before the spade invasions arc.We can speculate that because in this trailer, Asta is in his time skip design with the added rippled-up hoodie. 

Asta, also in this teaser, is walking without a devil’s arm, which makes a lot of sense because it will contradict the timeline if it’s taking place during the time skip but before the Spade Invasion Arc.

Yami Sukehiro was also shown in this teaser which is even more indication that this will take place during the time skip before Yami was even captured so that he will have a role in this movie. Also, any Black Clover content without Yami is unimaginable.

Another thing that can be noticed within the trailer is the appearance of the entire Black Bull Squad, who are essential as they are like the straw hats of Black clover. If Yami and Asta are involved, then by default, the entire squad will also be present.

When Black Clover Episode 170 ended, it had already used 270/287 chapters from the manga. As a result, there was no source material left for future seasons. 

Furthermore, the promotional key visuals confirm that the Black Clover movie will not be a movie that covers a manga arc.Although the movie is not manga material, it doesn’t mean it can’t be canon. Some things happened in the Black Clover anime that didn’t happen in the manga. 

When the Black Clover anime ended, it was so close to the manga, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to come back and do Black Clover Movie manga arc right now. If the creators decided to do that, then that would just push the inevitable delay of the Black Clover anime and have any chance for it to come back.

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Source by Pierrot

Like all previous Black Clover seasons, Asta and Yuno will be the cornerstone of the movie, but there is no official confirmation by Pierrot of the movie’s plot. 

The promotion image shows Asta has no devil arm, which confirms that the movie will not cover the raid on the spade Kingdom arc.

As in that arc, Asta has a devil arm; hence the movie will not be adapting the anime arc. The attack on spade arc is currently 43 chapters and still going and to compare Mugen train movie was 2 hours long and only covered a 16-chapter arc in the demon slayer manga.

 Even if the Black Clover Movie 2023 were stretched to 3 hours, it can only feasibly cover about 24 to 30 chapters of that arc. Thankfully, Asta does not have his devil arm, and the image debunks that as a possibility. This means this movie must occur before Asta s devil bargains with Liebe.

 The story could take place before Dante attacks the black bulls and Asta attacks the spade base, but it seems so little time has passed between these events.

It would be easier and make far more sense to fit a story at the end of the six-month time skip, and his outfit shows that it would take place a few months after they started training in the heart kingdom.

Asta s’ company might have to leave the kingdom for some sort of mission that is relevant to the plot of the movie. The conflict could occur in the heart kingdom or any other kingdom because the enemy comes to them.

 They may find a hidden enemy that dwells within the heart kingdom or any other kingdom that’s on the continent besides the spade kingdom.

 One of the fan-favorite theories about where the Black Clover movie takes place is the land of the sun, i.e., Yami’s homeland.

 There is merit to this theory as Asta s body is facing a bright sun, and admittedly, there are some pros and cons if the movie goes there. Still, it would be refreshing, and since it is off-continent, creators can introduce new types of magic and abilities and extensions without affecting the main series plotline.


Source by Pierrot

The official crew and staff details are yet to be revealed, but studio Pierrot will be back to develop the animation.  

While not official but in the Blu-ray release interview, Ayataka Tanemura confirmed he is working as the director on Black Clover Movie 2023, which is under production.

You can find the list of Black Clover characters and voice cast below:

Asta Gakuto Kajiwara
 Yuno Nobunaga Shimazaki
 Yami Sukehiro Junichi Suwabe
 Noelle Silva Kana Yūki
 Mimosa Vermillion Asuka Nishi
 Sylph Aya Uchida
 Secre Swallowtail Ayane Sakura
 Luck Voltia Ayumu Murase
 Valtos Daiki Hamano
 Jack the Ripper Daisuke Namikawa
 William Vangeance Daisuke Ono


Source by Pierrot

Black Clover is a fan favorite and to end it on just 170 episodes was a stab in the heart. Thankfully, we now have a movie to look forward to.