78 Rare Star Wars Behind the Scenes Photos

The best  behind-the-scenes photos from all Star Wars movies, including the original trilogy, the prequels (there are only like two pictures from the prequels, don’t worry) and even some leaked Star Wars Episode VII BTS pictures that J.J. Abrams doesn’t really want on the Internet, but that all of you deserve to see because there are puppets!
This list includes Star Wars BTS pictures of the original R2D2 concept art, the entire cast flirting with Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), photos of Yoda before he was finished, the building of the actual, on-set Millennium Falcon and, of course, that giant elephant that they dressed up as a Bantha. 

George Lucas and a Sea of Iconic Miniatures

The Actual Millenium Falcon

Twin Leias Sunbathing

Twin Leias, Twin Kimonos!

Chewy Takes What He Wants

Luke, I Am Your Father Pillows

R2-D2, Everybody

AT-AT Positioning, Dwarfing

Filming the Title Sequence

Two Stormtroopers Finally Hit Something

Carrie Fisher’s R2 Impression

Chewbacca’s Hair Is Pretty Much Always Perfect

Absolutely No One Wanted to Be in This Picture

Yoda Falls Asleep Mid-Sentence

Darth Maul in a T-Shirt

R2 and 3PO… AWAY!

I Will Never Believe That This Man Isn’t in Danger

Darth Vader Meeting His Doom (With a Crowd)

R2-D2 Blueprints

The Least Intimidating Darth Vader Pic Ever

Chewy Takes What He Wants

The Actual Explosions On Set

Carrie Fisher Havin a Nap: Dudes Took Pictures

The Elephant in the Bantha Costume

C-3PO Probably Incredibly Warm in the Desert

George Lucas Sitting On Darth Vader’s Lap

For You Cosplayers, Boba Fett’s Actual Costume

C-3PO Deserves a Drink

Mark Hamill Signing Autographs Through a Fence

The Mos Eisley Cantina Crew

But Really, the Crew Are All Giants

Warwick Davis As Wicket E. Warwick, the Cutest Ewok

George Lucas Mounting a Star Destroyer

A Signing Event

Luke and Han in Someone’s Apartment Going Over Scripts

George Lucas Deciding Who Shoots First

EVERYONE Should Have a Pet Taun Taun

The Magic of Stop Motion Animation

Be Quiet, Warwick Davis Is Sleeping

Some Boba Fett Wire Work (Right Before His Unconfirmed Death)

Back When People Filmed Letters

Episode VII Millennium Falcon Being Made

A Young Darth Vader

Episode VII Table Read

Shirtless Han Solo Hanging Out Catchin Some Sun

Every Star Wars Crew Member Was a Giant

The Ranker, I Mean Rancor, Getting Prepped

Go Home, C-3PO, You Are Drunk

Painting That Wooden R2

Because You’ve Gotta Get a Picture With Billy Dee

The Most Horrifying Picture of Yoda You Will See Today

This Is No Cave

Jabba the Hut Holding a Box

Palpatine With Hair

When Luke and Leia First Mind-meld

It’s okay if I call it mind-melding, right?

Is That An X-Wing?

12-Year-Old Warwick Davis and Carrie Fisher on the ROTJ Set

  1. This Is the Scene Where Luke Becomes Awesome

    A Skywalker Family Portrait

    Wooden Droids

    Return of the Jedi Filming in the Desert

    Oh, Mark Hamill

    Working Title

    R2 and 3PO Concept Art

    George Lucas Making Decisions at the Ewok Pound

    C-3PO Is a Happenin’ Dude

    An Eerie Rack of C-3PO Heads

    More Horrifying Yoda in Pre-Production Shots

    Yellow Goggles Because They’re Nerds, but Also Sand

    Early Stages of Jabba the Hut


    Shootin’ Those Jawas

    Jabba’s Eyes

    J.J. Talks to Daisy Ridley on the Set of Episode VII

    See even more images from the set of The Force Awakens from Entertainment Weekly here.

    The Force Awakens Lightsaber Action

    J.J. on Set