40 Dogs Who Love Going Camping

Love camping? Love ? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you’re sure to love the list below. If you said “yep” to both of them however, get ready to have your mind blown! You see, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the cutest, funniest, and all around most adorable pictures of camping, straight from the epic account, aptly known as Camping with Dogs. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to hit the trail with your own pooch in tow, come on in and allow the adorable little low-riders in the following photos to demonstrate some of their favorite fun-filled camping activities.

The pictures you’ll find here of cute dogs camping will show you just how adorable it can be to get back to nature alongside your favorite four-legged wild child. These dogs in the outdoors are here to show you the myriad of possibilities for planning a pooch-friendly nature outing with your own best friend and will your creative juices flowing when it comes to outdoor adventures.

We’ve gathered a collection of photos featuring dogs of a wide variety of breeds and sizes, who can’t get enough of everything from swimming to hiking to sleeping out under the stars. You’ll also see a couple of dogs camping who prefer more of the “glamping” approach and prefer to chill in their fur dad’s backpack while hiking or catch a snooze as their fur mom paddles along in a kayak. Regardless, these outdoor loving little dudes are sure to put a smile on your face as they get back to their roots in the great outdoors.

“Ohhhh. Outside Is Preeeetty.”

The Camp Don’t Start Till We Walk In

“Behold! Another Glorious Morning in My Kingdom”

Oscar Takes His Fur Dad’s Suggestion for a Mid-Hike Rest to the Extreme

Extreme Adventure Dogs Are Ready for Extreme Adventures

Girl Time = Winning

“And the Fur Dad of the Year Award Goes To…”

Rocky’s Fur Mom Finally Finds the Secret to Argument-Free Bath Time

Sometimes the Best Moments in Life Are Shamelessly Slept Through

Backpacking = Nailing It

You Call It “Scaling a Mountain,” Adventure Calls It “Tuesday”

“What? I Saw a Mouse Back There…”

Strict Ranger Dogs Reminds You That Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

“The River Started It.”

NFL Dog Camps Where He Wants on His Own Private Island

“Dad Look, We’ve Discovered a Rock! I Shall Call it ‘Mount Max’!”

“Dude, Seriously? I’ve Already Hiked Like Six Miles Today.”

“Just Chillin’ with My Chipmunk Pal.”

Wise Shaman Dog Pauses for a Moment of Relection

A Mountain, His Bro, and a Nice Cozy Log – What More Could a Guy Ask For?

Day Three: Brilliant Stowaway Plan Still Working Flawlessly

The Life: We Has It

“A ‘Hey’ for All the Haters Who Said Dogs Couldn’t Climb.”

These Sun-Loving Pooches Assure You It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Pebbles Sports the Latest in Glamping Trends

“Seriously, Bro. Don’t Ever Touch Another Man’s Tent Without Permission.”

“Camo. I Has It.”

“Sorry, These Seats Are Taken but I Think That Stump Over There Is Still Free.”

“That Mother Nature Is One Hot Chick.”

“De Hills Are Aliiiive with de Sound of Huskeeee”

“Sorry Cupcake, This Is About as Rustic as It Gets in My World.”

“Behold, as My Camo Skillz Blend Seamlessly with Your Ground and Shoe.”

Lucy Stands Speechless Upon Discovering the World’s Biggest Water Bowl

He’s So Excited to Be Allowed on the Furniture, He Doesn’t Even Care That It’s Inflatable

“Hurry Up, Mom! Those Trails Ain’t Gonna Hike Themselves!”

“Hike? I Totally Would but I’m Reeeally Busy Right Now.”

Early Morning Dog Is Rising and Shining