40 Best Romance Mangas – Fantasy Topics

We all love a bit of romance. But we don’t always have the time to read a full-length book of fiction. That’s why romance mangas are perfect substitutes!

They’re like bite-sized versions of romance novels. The same heartwarming plots and lovable characters are condensed into short illustrated episodes.

Let’s not lie. Oftentimes exposition in novels can be covered by one look illustrated on the page. Why waste time reading about the soulfulness of a character’s eyes. Or picturing a heart-wrenching goodbye between lovers. When you can literally see it happen before your eyes?

Don’t be fooled. Romance mangas cover a wide range of subgenres. And the stories you read about are just like real life. Complex and overlapping with different aspects of life. Romance mangas are rich and flavourful.

Without further ado, here is our list of the 40 best romance mangas to Binge Read.

1. Horimiya

Romance Manga Horimiya

Horimiya is one of the many romance mangas that follows the budding relationship between 2 high school students. Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura.

At school, Hori is your archetypal good girl. Popular and sociable, she is also one of the brightest in her class. Miyamura is the complete opposite. Introverted and brooding, he is often dismissed as another nerdy boy in class.

If the plot is boring you so far, you’re in for a surprise. In classic Hannah Montana-style, both protagonists are revealed to live a double life!

Love blossoms between Hori and Miyamura. The pair promise to keep their true natures a secret from their classmates. Together, the pair agreed to support one another in navigating high school with a secret. In time, they grow to realize they have more in common than they once thought.

2. Namaikizakari

Romance Manga Namaikizakari

Namaikizakari is one of the romance mangas that follows the classic unrequited love plot. But with a surprisingly civil happy ending.

Sophomore Yuki Machida manages the school’s basketball team. Freshmen Sho Naruse joins the team. Who becomes the bratty presence that haunts Yuki’s everyday life.

Romance between the pair is tested again and again. First by Sho’s rude and arrogant nature, then by Yuki’s affections for the basketball team captain, Kido. When the captain gets a girlfriend, though, Sho discovers Yuki’s feelings for Kido. From this point on, things change for the better.

Sho became Yuki’s support through these hard times. From then on, love spreads between the pair like wildfire.

3. Dengeki Daisy

Romance Manga Dengeki Daisy

We get it. Happily-ever-afters aren’t for everyone. So, here’s one of the bittersweet romance mangas for you.

After her older brother’s death, Teru receives a cell phone. Only a single contact is on it – Daisy. Teru remembers her brother promising a guardian to watch over her in his place. Through messages and words of courage, Daisy became Teru’s support in her lonely years.

Time passes, and Teru finds herself working for the school janitor after an accident. At 24 years of age, Tasuku Kurosaki might be too young as a janitor. But his grumpy and unpleasant demeanor seems to fit the description.

During her time spent with Kurosaki, Teru gradually sees past his façade. She begins to see resemblances of Daisy in her new friend. Teru continues to question the true identity of Daisy. And finds herself falling for Kurosaki.

But Kurosaki couldn’t admit to reciprocating Teru’s feelings. For several reasons, many being obvious. But one remains unsolved.

4. Go For It, Nakamura!

Romance Manga Go For It, Nakamura!

Romance mangas about closeted high school students usually go two ways. A cheesy, idealistic happy ending in a fictional world where homophobia doesn’t exist. Or an unnecessarily tragic story about the downfall of a pair of lovers.

Well, this manga is neither of those things.

Heartwarming and funny, Go For It, Nakamura! follows Okuto Nakamura’s high school life. Here, the teenager navigates his crush on his classmate, Aiki Hirose.

Introverted and shy at school, Okuto has never actually spoken to Aiki. Let alone voice his feelings for the boy. This gives rise to a variety of imagined scenarios. As Okuto pictures himself interacting with Aiki. Unfortunately, most of these end in comedic disaster. But, both Okuto and the reader get a good laugh out of these fantasies.

Eventually, Okuto works up the courage to speak to Aiki, and the pair can grow closer and closer.

5. The Bride Was A Boy

Romance Manga The Bride Was A Boy

This Bride Was A Boy is an autobiographical manga. One that overturns the stereotypical tragedy of queer romance. Instead depicts a heart-warming and educational story.

The plot follows the author’s true experiences as a trans woman. Depicted throughout the manga are emotional journeys of sexuality and gender. And most importantly, love.

Treacherous plots of physical and legal transitions occupy the story. But the author recounts her encounter with her husband. The blossoming of their love. And finally, their eventual marriage.

6. Sweet Blue Flowers

Romance Manga Sweet Blue Flowers

As Akira Okudaira enters high school, she reunites with her childhood friend, Fumi Manjōme. As the two advance through high school, Fumi comes out to Akira. Although Akira appears confused initially, she remains supportive of her friend.

The pair’s interactions revolve around a high school drama club. Cue various drama festivals, failed confessions, and relationships. And Fumi once again looks to her childhood friend for advice. Right before the drama club’s enactment of the play, Rokumeikan.

Turns out, Fumi is being confronted by another friend about her sexuality. In her panic, Fumi confesses her feelings for Akira instead.

As the year ends, the pair grow even closer. Over the summer holiday, Akira finally asks Fumi out on a date.

7. Ao no Furaggu

1684846569 412 40 Best Romance Mangas Fantasy Topics.jpg

Taichi Ichinose is a senior. As the school year begins, he sees the same familiar faces he’s been seeing for the past three years.

His childhood friend, Touma Mita, is handsome, popular, and athletic. Your classic jock. His classmate, Futaba Kuze is quiet, shy, and forgetful.

Whilst Taichi treats the two as acquaintances, he rarely hangs out with them. But, one day in the library is all it takes to bring the three together.

Taichi discovers Fubata’s feelings for Touma and decides to become her right-hand man. Futaba’s best friend, Masumi Itachi joins the trio. In a shocking turn of events, Masumi reveals Touma has feelings for Taichi. Whilst herself is also in love with Futaba.

As the four navigate their senior year, nothing seems certain. Their relationships – like their futures – must gradually unfold.

8. Lovely Complex

1684846569 743 40 Best Romance Mangas Fantasy Topics.jpg

Lovely Complex is one of many comedic romance mangas guaranteed to win you over from your first read.

Koizumi Risa is a girl taller than others at her age. Otani Atsushi is a boy shorter than others at his age. What’s more, the couple’s last names also play on their size! Ironically, Koizumi literally means “small spring”, whilst Otani means “big valley”. You can probably guess where this is going.

Because of their unusual difference in height. Compared to each other and others around them. Risa and Atsushi aren’t particularly fond of one another at the start of the manga.

As the story goes on though, the pair becomes closer as they looked to the other for advice and support. From this friendship, romance between Risa and Atsushi develops. With laughs and heartfelt moments along the way.

9. Snow White with the Red Hair

Romance Manga Snow White with the Red Hair

Snow White with the Red Hair is one of the romance mangas that plays on the juxtaposition of a character’s appearance and their name.

This is not your ordinary high school drama though. Shirayuki is an herbalist in the fantasy kingdom of Tanbarun. Although her name literally means “snow white”, her hair is an unusual bright red.

It seems that in this fantasy world, Shirayuki’s red hair does more harm than good. As her vibrant-coloured hair attracts the unwanted attention of Prince Raj. Who immediately orders Shirayuki to be his wife.

Shirayuki flees Tanbarun to escape Raj’s advances. And meets Prince Zen on her way to the neighbouring kingdom, Clarines.

Shirayuki and Zen are met with one obstacle after another on their journey. As Raj continues to haunt the girl in her escape, Zen does his best to protect Shirayuki. The long and arduous journey to Clarines slowly brings the pair closer together.

The company reaches Clarines safely. And Shirayuki settle down in a new Kingdom. Putting her skills to use and becomes the royal herbalist. Shirayuki is now newly independent and providing for herself. And her relationship with Zen is allowed to flourish in a new environment.

10. A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow

Romance Manga A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow is one of many romance mangas focusing on the budding love between two girls. Konatsu Amano is a high school student who recently transferred to a new school. After her father was relocated to work overseas, and herself relocated to live with her aunt. But the school this is not where Amano’s story begins.

On her way to her aunt’s house, Amano comes across her new school’s aquarium. Curious, Amano decides to enter. Koyuki Honami is an upperclassman in Amano’s school. She is also the president of the school’s aquiarium club. Amano meets Honami in the aquarium. And the girls become immediately infatuated with each other.

Keeping with the theme, Amano literally means “little summer”, whilst Honami means “little snow”. Now, put that into context of the manga’s title. If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever read.

Over the course of Amano’s time in her new school, her relationship with Honami develops slowly. Both girls are reluctant to be forward with their feelings with each other. So, this manga is a slow burn romance filled with heartfelt episodes.

11. Honey So Sweet

Romance Manga Honey So Sweet

At first read, Honey So Sweet seems to be one of the typical high school romance mangas. Its plot follows Kogure Nao, a reclusive high school student with a quiet personality. One day, Nao is asked out by Onise Taiga, a boy with a bad reputation at school. Known to always get into fights, Taiga was not exactly the most pleasant person Nao can end up with.

Nao fears that her rejection of the boy’s offer would result in violence. So, she reluctantly accepts. The pair spend more and more time together. And Nao discovers there is more to the tough exterior practically married to Taiga’s image.

Deep down, Taiga is a big softie. He likes to cook and always make cute little lunch boxes for Nao. He is also a fan of over-the-top romantic gestures. Often showering Nao with grand statements of his affection.

Nao soon finds out Taiga has been in love with her since middle school. When she left him some bandages and her umbrella after a fight on a rainy-day years ago. Needless to say, the relationship between Nao and Taiga can only get better after this revelation.

12. How Do We Do Relationship?

Romance Manga How Do We Do Relationship

How Do We Do Relationship is a comedic romance manga about a relationship of convenience.

Inuzuka Miwa is a freshman at college. Having lived in a small town her whole life, Miwa is excited about many aspects of college and city life. Mainly, Miwa is excited to be around people less likely to judge her for her sexuality.

Miwa’s search for love at college starts off rather rocky. And she fears she might never find the perfect girl to be with after all. Then, enters Saruwatari Saeko. Miwa met Saeko on her first day of college and the two became friends almost instantly.

One night, at a party, Miwa finds out that Saeko is also a lesbian. After both girls came out to each other, Saeko makes the first move and asks Miwa to be her girlfriend. Miwa, of course, accepts.

As the manga progresses, the reader is treated to angsty and romantic moments in Miwa and Saeko’s relationship. As the pair navigates college together.

How Do We Do Relationship also touches on more mature themes as characters in the manga are in college. Depicting Miwa and Saeko’s relationship, the manga addresses what it means to grow up queer in a conservative society. How this plays into other aspects of life in a newer, more progressive and accepting setting. This can be a refreshing read for those of you tired of reading about childish, idealistic high school romance mangas.

13. Komi Can’t Communicate

Romance Manga Komi Can't Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate might sound familiar because of the recent Netflix anime adaptation of the series. This romance manga is binge-worthy for it’s direct address of social anxiety.

Komi Shoko is a high school girl that appears stoic and elegant to her classmates. Because of this, Shoko is made popular immediately on her first day of high school. Although one person in her class seems to see through the façade her classmates have veiled her in.

Tadano Hitohito is an ordinary high school boy. He sits next to Shoko in class. And quickly discovers her stoic appearance is a result of extreme social anxiety.

Shoko and Tadano spend more and more time with each other. And Shoko works up the courage to tell him the goal she has set for herself. Before graduation, Shoko wishes to befriend 100 people.

Tadano offers to help Shoko in her quest as the first of the hundred she is to befriend in the next three years. Over time, the pair develops feelings for each other as romance ensues.

14. My Dress-Up Darling

Romance Manga My Dress-Up Darling

Although similar to other high school romance mangas, the premise of My Dress-Up Darling is different than your typical plot.

Gojo Wakana is a freshman with a passion in making hina dolls. Orphaned at a young age, Wakana was raised by his grandfather. Who is a professional hina doll craftsman. Fascinated by this craft from a young age, Wakana wishes to be just as skilled a craftsman as his grandfather one day.

Kitagawa Marin is a popular girl in Wakana’s class who is energetic and beautiful. Marin is an otaku who has been interested in cosplaying for some time. As she’s not too skilled when it comes to sewing, Marin has never done a successful cosplay before.

One day Marin finds Wakana in the high school’s sewing room. Admiring his skills, Marin asks him to make her a costume. After Marin’s successful cosplay debut with Wakana’s costume, the pair grow closer. And eventually fall in love.

15. My Love Mix-Up

Romance Manga My Love Mix-Up

My Love Mix-Up was originally titled Vanishing First Love in English. A title that relates to one key event in this romance manga more poetically.

The story follows Aoki Sota, a sophomore who has a crush on his classmate, Hashishita Mio. One day, Sota asks to borrow Mio’s eraser in class. When Mio hands him the little piece of rubber though, Sota was devastated to see another boy’s name followed by a heart written on the eraser.

The boy in question is Ida Kosuke. The captain of the high school volleyball team. Things get more and more confusing when Sota accidently drops the eraser with Kosuke’s name on it. As Kosuke returns the eraser to Sota, he sees his own name and mistakes Sota for the one with a crush on him.

A series of hilarious and heart-warming shenanigans ensues. As the trio navigates high school with romance and confusion.

16. Your Lie In April

Romance Manga Your Lie In April

For those of you that know this one, you might be wondering – hold on. This isn’t a manga is it?

Well, technically it isn’t. Your Lie In April started as a light romance novel. Which was adapted into manga format. Then an animated film based on the art style of the manga.

Why did we insist on including this one? Because the story between Kōsei Arima and Kaori Miyazono is too good and binge-worthy to miss!

When Kōsei was four, he was famous as a piano prodigy. He learns the news of his mother passing away during a recital. Kōsei has never touched a piano since and spends time with his friends Tsubaki and Ryōta instead.

One day, Kōsei meets Kaori. Another musical prodigy like himself, Kaori plays the violin with a bold and free-spirited style. After discovering why Kōsei stopped playing years ago, Kaori promises to help him return to the instrument and musical world he used to love.

Kaori’s lively personality lifts Kōsei out of his pessimistic view on life. Soon, Kōsei realises he has developed feelings for her. But he is reluctant in confessing his feelings. Because Kaori seems more interested in his friend Ryōta.

The rest of the plot follows Kōsei and Kaori’s blooming relationship. And there’s no way to say more about it without spoiling the ending! But be ware when reading this romance manga, it’s definitely a tear-jerker.

17. Love So Life

1684846570 336 40 Best Romance Mangas Fantasy Topics

This one’s a little different than other romance mangas. If you’re not a big fan of student romance, this one’s perfect for you.

Love So Life follows Nakamura Shiharu. When not in school, Shiharu works part time at a day-care. Of all the children under Shiharu’s care, two are particularly fond of her.

Matsunaga Aoi and Akane are twins with a tragic story. After the sudden death of their mother, their father abandoned them to their uncle, Seiji.

Seiji notices Aoi and Akane’s attachment to Shiharu every time he picks the twins up from the day-care. After some consideration, he decides to hire Shiharu as their babysitter.

Shiharu and Seiji becomes closer as time goes on. Together with Aoi and Akane, the four are beginning to look more and more like a family. Shiharu learns that Seiji’s family was not unlike Aoi and Akane’s. And his experiences growing up in a dysfunctional family pushed him to be better than his parents were. Now that Aoi and Akane were in his custody.

Shiharu falls in love with Seiji. But doesn’t tell him because of the age difference between them. But Seiji eventually finds out about Shiharu’s feelings towards him. Shiharu’s feelings are reciprocated by Seiji, but he asks her to wait until she’s older to make a decision.

18. See You Later, Mermaid

Romance Manga See You Later, Mermaid

Surprisingly with a title like See You Later, Mermaid, this doesn’t classify with other fantasy romance mangas.

Kimijima Kazushi is travelling solo on vacation. To a quaint little seaside town (hence, mermaid). When he arrives at his inn, he meets Higaki Tatsumi, another traveller staying at the inn.

Tatsumi seems quiet and apprehensive in his interactions with others. But Tatsumi’s muted demeanour only seems left Kazushi wanting to know more about him.

One day Kazushi finds himself in a little bit of trouble. And Tatsumi comes to his rescue. After the incident has passed, Kazushi decides to repay Tatsumi by inviting him for a drink at the inn.

Kazushi finds out the reason behind Tatsumi’s reclusiveness as they talked. Tatsumi believes himself to be cursed. And so has resorted to being alone forever. This seaside retreat was his attempt to get as far away from others as possible to save them from his curse.

Kazushi was taken aback by Tatsumi’s confession, but he wasn’t appalled. In return, he shares the reason that brought him to the same seaside town with Tatsumi.

As the pair spend more time together on their previously solo vacation, their friendship develops into a budding romance.

19. We Were There

Romance Manga We Were There

We Were There follows the story of Yano “Haru” Motoharu and Takahashi “Nana” Nanami.

Their romance begins when they were both teenagers. When Nana first met Haru though, she didn’t exactly like him too well. Haru is very popular at school and at times comes across as aloof and unpleasant.

Despite this, Nana finds herself falling for the boy. Haru also seems interested in Nana. But something is holding him back. When Nana confesses her feelings to Haru, she is rejected.

But Nana decides to support Haru as a friend as they move through high school.

This is one of those romance mangas that is full of twists and turns. Things get more complicated as the plot follows Nana and Haru into their twenties. If you’re a fan of drama, this one’s definitely for you!

20. Seven Days: Monday – Sunday

Romance Manga Seven Days: Monday to Sunday

Seven Days: Monday – Sunday is a bit of a strange one. But behind its surface ridiculousness, this romance manga addresses serious themes. Which are sometimes overlooked in typical high school romance mangas.

Freshman Toji Seryo is notorious for his week-long relationships. He will date the first person that asks him out on Monday (yes, he won’t even be the one to instigate the relationship). Come Sunday the same week, he is sure to have broken up with them.

Seryo’s pattern seems hard to break. Ans soon, he is known all over school for this strange dating habit of his.

Word gets to senior Yuzuru Shino, who finds Seryo’s habit more fascinating than strange. Shino almost treats Seryo’s unbreakable pattern as a challenge. And so he asks the younger boy out one Monday morning.

Seryo was taken aback at first but accepts Shino’s challenge. Afterall, everything comes to an end after seven days. Right?

Surprise, surprise. Seryo is on his second day ‘dating’ Shino. And he finds himself developing feelings for the boy. The rest of the manga follows Seryo and Shino’s wacky shenanigans as a pretend couple that ends up becoming real.

21. Given

Romance Manga Given

Given follows the story of the formation of a high school band and a relationship.

Uenoyama Ritsuka is a guitarist. One day, his quiet classmate, Satō Mafuyu rushes to him for help repairing the strings on his guitar. Ritsuka finds out Mafuyu is an exceptional singer. And he invites Mafuyu to join his band, which is lacking a singer.

As the band prepares for their first live performance, Ritsuka and Mafuyu gets closer. Ritsuka soon discovers the story behind the very guitar he made repairs on for Mafuyu.

The guitar previously belonged to Mafuyu’s childhood best friend. The two had been in a relationship when the other passed away. Touched by Mafuyu’s story, Risuka decides to name the band “Given”. A tribute to the guitar that brought Mafuyu to the band and to himself.

Given is a romance manga that just keeps giving. The rest of the plot follows different arcs and different relationships. Multiple romances in one book, how convenient is that?

22. Kids On The Slope

Romance Manga Kids On the Slope

Kids On The Slope is one of many high school romance mangas. It is easy to read but will melt your hearts all the same.

Because of his father’s career, Nishimi Kaoru’s family moves around a lot. As a result, Kaoru has accepted that there’s no point in maintaining close-knit relationships with anyone at school from a young age. Because soon, he will have to bid them another teary goodbye.

Things change when Kaoru’s father decides to move him in with his extended family. Now Kaoru is a freshman at a new school that he will probably stay at till graduation.

Kaoru encounters Kawabuchi Sentarō on his first day. The boys bond over music and their friendship develops as they spend more time at a record shop.

The rest of the romance manga follows Kaoru’s life at high school with his two new friends, Sentarō and Ritsuko. Ritsuko’s family being the owner of the record shop the boys frequent. As time goes on, Kaoru is able to settle in his new home and form relationships with others. Which he had vowed to never form at the start of his story.

23. Full Metal Panic

Romance Manga Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic one of many comedic romance mangas with a wild plot.

Sousuke Sagara is a secret agent working for an anti-terrorist organisation, Mithril. Souuke is great at his job. His colleagues will say too great. Sousuke is not the best at social interactions. And tends to access mundane situations with military tactics.

He is tasked with the undercover mission to protect Kaname Chidori. An energetic high school student. Awkward and unsociable, Sousuke’s attempts to fit in as a normal highschooler often leads to hilarious results. But Sousuke is always quick to protect Chidori from the different organisations targeting her.

As time goes on, Chidori finds out Sousuke is here to protect her. She demands to know why her life is in danger and what exactly is threatening her safety.

Even though Sousuke cannot reveal the secrets to the mission to her, the pair nevertheless begin to grow closer.

24. Our Dining Table

Romance Manga Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table is a sweet BL romance manga centred around food.

Hozumi Yutaka is your average salaryman. To his colleagues, there’s one flaw to Yukata’s otherwise flawless image. Yukata has always struggled eating in front of other people. This poses a problem when he has to attend gatherings for work.

But Yutaka is a great cook and often makes his own lunch for when he’s at work. One day, while Yukata is enjoying lunch alone, a little boy approaches him. Attracted by the delicious smell of his food. Yukata decides to share his onigiri.

The boy’s older brother soon appears to retrieve him. And Yukata discovers that Ueda Tane and Minoru is a peculiar pair of siblings.

Not only were they the complete opposites. Tane is adorable and likable, whilst Yukata finds Minoru intimidating. The siblings are also years apart in age, with Minoru being Yukata’s age.

When the three meet again, Tane asks Minoru to teach them how to cook such delicious meals. Reluctantly, Yukata accepts.

These lessons turn into meals. And the brothers help Yukata overcome his struggle with eating around people. And love between Yukata and Minoru begins to bloom.

25. My Little Monster

Romance Manga My Little Monster

My Little Monster is one of many cute little romance mangas focusing on the relationship between Mizutani Shizuku and Yoshida Haru.

Shizuku is the best in her class. She has no other interest than excelling at school and preparing for the future. Cold and emotionless in school, Shizuku’s demeanor earned her the nickname “dry ice”.

Haru is an average student who sits next to Shizuku in class. Haru comes across rather mysterious. Often missing school, Shizuku doesn’t really have a chance to talk to him daily. Haru is also known to be violent and uncontrollable. With others speculating he is out causing trouble and getting into fights when not at school.

Things change when Shizuku goes to give Haru some printouts from class. When he missed school once again. Surprisingly, Shizuku is warmly greeted by Haru when she arrives at his house.

From that day onwards, the pair become closer to one another. Shizuku realizes the monster Haru is taken to be in school is miles away from who he is. Haru breaks through Shizuku’s icy exterior, and they begin to fall for each other.

26. I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up

Romance Manga I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up

The title of this romance manga pretty much gives the story away. But there’s more depth to the story summed up in this one-liner.

Machi Morimoto is an office worker. Still single in her early thirties, she is constantly pressured by her parents to get married. But Machi is not interested in committing in a relationship. So, the only thing she can do is press through her parents’ nagging voices.

Things change when her friend Hana Agaya suggests they move in together. Hana is a few years younger than Machi, and has been looking for a place to live. To Machi’s surprise, Hana also suggest the pair enter into a fake marriage. From which they cangetn a partnership certificate.

Hana reasons that the certificate will shut Machi’s parents up. Whilst them moving in together will solve her housing problem. Two birds with one stone, right?

Machi was reluctant to accept. Only because Hana had confessed her feelings for her when they were younger. But Machi agrees all the same.

The manga follows Machi and Hana’s rocky cohabitation. But as time goes on, Machi and Hana becomes closer and closer. Eventually, love begins to bloom between the two.

27. Hibi Chocho

Romance Manga Hibi Chouchou

Hibi Chocho is one of the comforting romance mangas to read if you’re in the mood for simple romance.

Shibazeki Suiren is a freshman. Quiet and reclusive, Suiren has sworn off social interactions from a young age. Suiren received unwanted attention from all her classmates through elementary school. So, she is reduced to nods and shakes when it comes to interacting with others.

At the opening ceremony to her freshman year, a boy catches her eye. Only because she did not catch his.

Kawasumi Taichi is a shy and awkward boy in Suiren’s grade. Taichi was also the only one in their grade who didn’t instantly fall in love with Suiren when they laid eyes on her.

As the story goes on, Suiren breaks out of her reclusive shell and tries to befriend Taichi. Little did Suiren know, Taichi was already in love with her from the very beginning. But the boy was too awkward to show for it.

The rest of the manga follows Suiren and Taichi’s relationship as they navigate high school together.

28. Doughnuts Under A Crescent Moon

Romance Manga Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon

Doughnuts Under A Crescent Moon follows the story of Hinako Uno. On the outside, Hinako seems to be a stereotypical woman. She’s interested in makeup, fashion, and love. To everyone else at her job, this is the Hinako they know.

What they don’t know, is that this is all Hinako’s attempt at being a ‘normal’ woman her age. She tries to act ‘womanly’, with the makeup and nice clothes and whatnot. And tries to be in relationships with eligible bachelors. Because that’s what she should do, right?

Hinako is self-doubting and insecure on the inside. And becomes devastated when none of the relationships ever turn out well. Fortunately, Hinako befriends Asahi Sato. Another woman working at her company.

Hinako respects Asahi’s level-headedness and stoic demeanour around the office. And a relationship of equals begins. Which grows into something more romantic and intimate.

29. House of the Sun

Romance Manga House of the Sun

Motomiya Mao dislikes being at home. Spending time with her friends, Nakamura Hiro and Daiki is her best alternative. Overtime, the Nakamura household became Mao’s safe haven.

But things change when the brothers’ parents passed away after a tragic accident. And the Nakamura siblings part ways. Now Mao is left with no haven as her parents divorce and abandons her.

Hiro learns of Mao’s situation and offers for her to move in with himself. Mao accepts his offer and decides to stay until she can figure out her relationship with her rather.

As Mao spends more time with Hiro, they become close as they were when they were younger. In return, with Mao’s presence in the house, Hiro seems ready to accept his siblings’ return as well.

Love blooms between Mao and Hiro as the pair work to restore the Nakamura household. To its former, safe and magical glory.

30. I Hear the Sunspot

Romance Manga I Hear the Sunspot

I Hear the Sunspot follows the story of Taichi Sagawa and Kohei Sugihara. Both boys attend the same college and are classmates. Taichi is outgoing and sociable. Kohei is reclusive and quiet.

Taichi soon finds out this is because Kohei’s has lost his hearing during an accident in high school. Ever since, he has been struggling with classes and fitting in with others at college.

When Taichi discovers Kohei’s difficulties, he offers to take notes in class for Kohei in exchange for food. The pair becomes closer as they spend more time together. Eventually their friendship develops into love.

Mangaka Fumino decided to write about a character with hearing disabilities after befriending friends with similar issues in college. Kohei’s portrayal in the manga is also largely based on what she has learnt from her friends. And also sign language school.

Not only is I Hear the Sunspot different from typical high school romance mangas. But it also represents accurately the struggles and difficulties of living with a disability. Definitely a binge-worthy title to add to your list.

31. ReLIFE

Romance Manga ReLIFE

ReLIFE follows the story of Kaizaki Arata. A 27-year-old who became a NEET after failing to secure a job. Arata ends up working at a convenience store, where he is approached by an agent from the company, ReLIFE.

Arata is offered a job opportunity at ReLIFE. On the condition that he becomes a tester for the company’s secret project. An experimental treatment that makes subject 10 years younger than their current age. Complete with a high school reintegration program. Which is supposed to improve standards of life with this second chance.

Romance doesn’t happen for Arata at high school. But rather, after he has completed the ReLIFE program and landed a job at the company.

At ReLIFE, Arata meets another woman named Hishiro Chizuru. He learns that she was also a subject for the age-reversal project. The two falls in love as they share their experiences in their second chance at life.

32. Mr. Minimart

Romance Manga Mr Mini-mart

Nakaba Endou is a high school dropout and has been living as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Attempting to break away from this boring and unproductive routine, he starts work at a convenience store. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t end in him being a high schooler again!)

At his new job, Endou meets the arrogant Kouhei Yamai. His new co-worker whom he dislikes and finds difficult to get along with. But as time passes, Endou begins to see a side of Yamai that seems sweeter and more pleasant.

The rest of this romance manga traces Endou’s budding relationship with Yamai. The story is bittersweet and at times heart-wrenching. As both boys try and figure out what to do with their life, and what the future might hold.

33. Your Name

Romance Manga Your Name

Your Name is another romance similar to Your Lie in April. In that both were adapted into animated screenplays. But the plot of the two differs significantly.

Your Name follows the lives of high school students Mitamizu Mitsuha and Tachibana Taki.

Mitsuha, fed up with her boring country life, wishes in her next life to be an attractive Tokyo boy. One day, Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, whilst Taki in hers.

Realising they have switched bodies, Mitsuha and Taki tries to communicate with each other. Often by leaving notes and memos around the other’s living space.

Once the body swapping has gone on for a while. Mitsuha and Taki became more comfortable intervening in each other’s lives. They both help the other in little matters. Like becoming more popular at school, or getting into relationships with others.

But this is what Mitshuha and Taki doesn’t tell each other. In the time they fates had been intertwined, they have already fallen for each other.

This one is another tear-jerker, but in a good way and definitely binge-worthy.

34. Syrup: A Yuri Anthology

Romance Manga Syrup: A Yuri Anthology

Syrup is a beautiful anthology of romance mangas about women in love. Each individual short story follows protagonists that are of working ages.

Each story in the anthology explores how these women balance love and the turmoil of working life. Together with other issues that often plagues couples of the same sex today.

So, those of you looking for sweet little romances that are more mature than high school puppy love. This is the best option for you!

35. Touch

Romance Manga Touch

Touch is a romance manga centered around the love triangle between two brothers and their childhood friend.

Uesugi Tatsuya is an athletic student. Throughout his younger years, he has always excelled at every sport he’s tried. His little brother Kazuya is above average as an athlete. But is still miles behind his brother.

Tatsuya cares for his brother. Often letting Kazuya win whenever the situation allows. When it comes to their friend and neighbor Asakura Minami, things get complicated.

Tatsuya begins to realize maybe he doesn’t want to let Kazuyu win this time after all.

The manga follows the developing relationships between the trio. If you’re looking for a slice-of-life romance to binge, you should definitely put Touch on the list.

36. Our Wonderful Days

Romance Manga Our Wonderful Days

Keeping with the slice-of-life theme here. Out Wonderful Days is a romance manga following the budding romance between two high school girls.

Hanamura Koharu is a freshman excited to embark on a new era. Koharu is reuniting with her middle school and summer camp friends on her first day. When a new girl catches Koharu’s eyes.

Shirotsuki Mafuyu is a shy and quiet girl who lives far away from their school. Mafuyu is reclusive in school. Which leaves Koharu with little opportunity to properly speak to her.

One day, Koharu finally gets the chance to talk to Mafuyu. When she is separated from the rest of her friend group in a crowd.

Once Koharu got a good look at Mafuyu, she starts to recognize her as a classmate from elementary school. Little did Koharu know, Mafuyu remembers her clear as day. And used to have a crush on Koharu.

Kohura asks Mafuyu to view cherry blossoms together after school. A scene that marks the beginning of their wonderful days together.

37. Blue Spring Ride

Romance Manga Blue Spring Ride

Yoshioka Futaba is a high school student. Futaba acts ‘unfeminine’ and a little tomboy-ish. Because her female classmates used to be jealous of her and tend to ostracise her.

She reunites with a childhood friend and first love, Tanaka Kou. Kou had moved elsewhere for middle school. Now he returns to high school with a new last name, Mabuchi.

Not only has Kou’s name changed. But to Futaba, he seems to be an entirely different person. As the two friends catch up and spend more time together, Futaba discovers the reason behind Kou’s change.

Futaba offers to help him overcome difficulties in his family life. And finds herself falling for Kou once again.

Kou and Futaba’s relationship starts off rocky. But don’t worry! To give you a little spoiler, this romance manga ends in a long-awaited happy ending between the pair!

38. Orange

Romance Manga Orange

Orange is a romance manga that crosses time. Filled with bittersweet and heartwarming moments, this manga is definitely worth binging.

The story begins when a group of high schoolers start receiving letters from their future selves.

Takamiya Naho’s letters warn her of making the biggest mistake of her life. Something related to the Naruse Kakeru. Whom she soon discovers is the new transfer student at her school.

At first, Naho doesn’t take the letters seriously, believing they must be some sort of elaborate prank. But as the letters begin to predict her future, she starts to listen to what they have to say.

The letters the five friends receive attempt to prevent Kakeru’s suicide. Which will happen in February, the same year he enrolls into the school. As the five friends try and navigate life with the help of these letters, Naho and Kakeru fall in love.

39. Spirit Circle

Romance Manga Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle is a romance manga with a paranormal twist. Okeya Fuuta can see ghosts from a young age. Which makes for an interesting life, especially as he begins high school.

One day, a new student joins his class, Ishigami Kouto. Fuuta sees a ghost trailing alongside the girl. And notices a scar on her forehead. One resembling the scar on his own cheek.

Fuuta tries to befriend Kouto. Glad to finally find somebody with similar abilities as himself. But Kouto is appalled to see Fuuta’s scar. And immediately sees Fuuta as a threat and attacks him.

The rest of the story traces the bad blood between Fuuta’s and Kouto’s last reincarnation. Fuuta must look into his past to see how Kouto and himself were linked in a past life.

As hostilities subside between the pair, space is made for romance to bloom.

40. Bloom into You

Romance Manga Bloom Into You

Bloom into You follows the relationship between Koito Yū and Nanami Tōko. The story begins with Yū turning down an unexpected confession from a boy she knew in middle school. Later, Yū sees Nanami Touko doing the same to another boy.

Convinced Touko is in a similar situation as herself, Yū decides to speak to her for advice. Touko is a member of the school’s student council and is a year her senior. As the pair speaks, both girls discover they have more similarities with each other than once thought.

One day, Touko suddenly confesses her feelings to Yū. Which takes the other girl by surprise. Not knowing how to respond to Touko, Yū turns her down. Saying she’s uncertain if she’s ready for romance.

Touko brushes the matter aside entirely. Telling Yū she will be happy even if her feelings are not matched.

The rest of the manga follows the girls Touko run as student council president. And Yū offers to be Touko’s campaign manager. After much success at the election, with Touko becoming president, the girls get closer. And eventually, Yū begins falling for Touko as well.

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