35 The World of the Married Facts You Did Not Know

Marriage requires a commitment to your partner for your whole life, and commitment is something we can not take lightly or for granted. When we fail to commit, cases of cheating, divorce, and extramarital affairs start. 

The Korean Drama, “The World of the Married”, revolves around the same concept. It was aired on JTBC from 27 March to 16 May 2020. It has 16 episodes and two special episodes. It is based on BBC One’s drama series Doctor Foster. It is also known as “The world of a married couple.”

The main cast of this drama involves Kim Hee-Ae as Ji Seon-U – the wife, Park Hae- Joon as Lee Tae-Oh – the husband, Han-So Hee as Yeo Da-Kyung- the girl with whom the husband has an affair. 

Other cast includes Park Sun-Sun-Young as Go Ye-Rim, Kim Young-Min as Son Je- Hyuk, Jeon Jin-Seo as Lee Jun- Yeong, Chae Gook- Hee as Seol Myung- Suk. Lee Geung- young as Yeo Byung- Gyu and many more. 

Mike Bartlett and Joo Hyun wrote this drama, directed by Mo Wan-Il and Kim Sung-Jin as assistant director, produced by Kim Ye- Ji and Park Woo-Ram, composed by Gaemi, and edited by Han Ji- Woo and Jeon Yoon- Young. 

Some facts about this k-drama are:

1. Hospital Scenes

As the main lead Ji Seon- U is a doctor at Family Love Hospital, there are hospital scenes, and she is a very hardworking and determined doctor. 

Seon U as a doctor in the hospital (Credits; JTBC)

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2. Was her family happy? 

According to Seon- U, she had a happy family with Tae-Oh as a loving and caring husband and Lee Jun- Yeong, a disciplined teenage son. But she was living in the dark all of this time when she got to know the reality of her husband. 

The World of the married

Seon U’s family having a meal together (Credits: JTBC)

3. Evidence of Tae-Oh cheating and deceiving Seon-U

Seon-U found a red-colored hair strand on Tae-Oh’s scarf. She felt something fishy but did not tell all this to Tae-Oh. She noticed the change in his behavior. He used to come very late from work. Then, her doubts were increasing day by day. 

On Tae-Oh’s birthday, she decided to search his car. While searching, she found a phone, and the background picture of that phone was of him and a young lady Da- Kyung, and that girl had the same hair as that of the strand on his shirt. 

When she unlocked the phone, she checked the gallery, and there she saw a group photo of Tae-Oh, the young girl, and her friends. She felt very betrayed. 

The World of the Married

Tae Oh with another young woman named Da Kyung on the right and Seon U shocked on the left (Credits; JTBC)

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4. Did Seon-U kill her husband? 

After she finds that she was deceived, a scene comes where she grabs a pair of scissors and directly stabs it into Tae-Oh’s chest. But that was all her imagination. She didn’t kill him. 

Instead, she left his birthday party, and after going home, she packed all his belongings in a suitcase and decided to kick him out., but she could not do this because of their son. He was very attached to his father and small and could not bear the truth about his father. 


The World of the married

Seon- U stabbing Tae- Oh with scissors (Credits; JTBC)

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5. Seon- U treating her husband’s girlfriend as a doctor

Da- Kyung visited the Family love hospital, and Seon-U did her checkup against her will. She was announced pregnant. When Seon- U asks her about her sex life, she accepts that she knows Tae- Oh is married and he is unhappy with his marriage.

The World of the married

Seon- U doing a checkup of Da- Kyung (Credits; JTBC)

6. Da- Kyung to go for an abortion

When Da-Kyung learned about her pregnancy, she asked Dr. Seol Myung- Suk to do her abortion and not to tell Tae-Oh about this; Dr. Seol knew everything about them. 

When Dr. Seol told Seon- U about the abortion in a meeting, she opposed it because it was illegal and not in the hospital policies, but Dr. Seol insisted Seon- U to agree on this as this is beneficial for both of them, Da Kyung and herself. The next day, Seon-U told Dr. Seol to discuss everything with Tae-Oh. 

The World of the married

Da Kyung shocked (Credits; JTBC)

7. Seon-U helped her patient with her personal life

Her patient, Min Hyun-Seo, worked at a bar; seon-u went there to change her mood because of pregnancy truth. There she got to know that Hyun Seo was off-duty for many days. 

Hyun Seo was in an abusive relationship with her husband. Seon-U advised her to leave her husband In- Gyu, but she denied it. She said her husband was angry and venting it out on her; he is not bad. Seon-U tried her best, but she was not ready to leave him. 

This same patient helped Seon-U in collecting evidence. She disguised herself and showed up as Da-Kyung’s neighbor. 

The World of the married

Seon U as a doctor in the hospital (Credits; JTBC)

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8. Tae-Oh didn’t allow Da-Kyung for an abortion

Even though Tae-Oh is a bad guy and cheater, his positive attributes are shown here when he does not allow Da-Kyung an abortion. He talked with her and let her decide whether to keep the baby. 

After some days, Seon-U saw Da-Kyung reading an encyclopedia on parenting, and then she realized that she had decided to keep the baby. 

The World of the Married

Da Kyung and Tae Oh talking with each other (Credits; JTBC)

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9. Da-Kyung wanted Tae-Oh to treat her better and make time for her

This is human nature that we all humans need time and care from someone we are in love with. Da-Kyung wanted the same. 

She wanted Tae-Oh not to hide their relationship anymore and to make time for her, and she could call anytime she wanted. But Tae-Oh became frustrated from all this. 

The World of the married

Tae Oh trying to assure Da Kyung (Credits; JTBC)

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10. Seon-U discussed the matter with her lawyer

Seon-u’s lawyer requested evidence of Tae-oh’s affair and warned that following and eavesdropping is illegal. 

Da-Kyung assured Seon-U that Tae-Oh would tell him everything in 2 months, and he would file the papers for divorce too. 

The World of the married

Seon U in formals (Credits; JTBC)

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11. Seon-U found out the truth about Tae-Oh’s financial conditions and all the loans he had been taking

Seon-u checked Tae-oh’s financial record, and it turned out that Tae-oh had been borrowing mortgage loans, and he also got a premium loan from Jun-yeong’s variable life insurance. At home, Seon-u found a lot of hidden bills of thousands of won.

After all this, she made a plan to destroy his life. But her mother learned about all this, and she got a cardiac arrest and died. 

The World of the married

Tae Oh pulling Seon U’s hair (Credits; JTBC)

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12. Even at his mother’s funeral, Tae-Oh was busy making love with Da-Kyung

Seon-U saw Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung in a car making out, and the song playing in the car was the exact one that Tae-Oh played while proposing to Seon-U. He didn’t have an inch of regret for losing his mother, and just after the funeral, he got busy with Da-Kyung. 

Through this incident, we can see that a man who can’t even be a good son can be a good husband and not even a good person. 

The World of the Married

Tae Oh and Da Kyung are happy with each other (Credits; JTBC)

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13. Seon-U met Je-Hyuk

When Seon-U was searching for more evidence in Tae-Oh’s car, the weather was not good; it was raining heavily, then suddenly, she was offered an umbrella by Je-Hyuk. After some time, their bonding grew stronger. 

Je-Hyuk was Tae-Oh’s accountant, and Seon-U asked her to analyze Tae-oh’s company accounts and personal bank account details. 

The World of the married

Seon U and Je Hyuk together (Credits; JTBC)

14. Da-Kyung’s Family

Da-Kyung’s mother and father knew that their daughter had a boyfriend. One day Seon-U met coincidentally with Da- Kyung’s parents.

Seon-u takes advantage of dining with Da-kyung’s family, raising questions about her boyfriend and provoking her. Da-Kyung broke up with Tae-Oh and told him she had had an abortion but was lying. 

The World of the married

Da Kyung with her family (Credits; JTBC)

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15. Hyun- Seo and her husband In- Gyu with Seon-U

Hyun-Seo spotted Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung arguing, but In-Gyu suspected and followed Hyun-Seo and created a scene. 

In-Gyu revealed to Seon-U that he stole the camera Hyun-Seo used to spy on Tae-Oh. He visited Seon-U in the hospital and threatened to expose that she illegally bribed Hyun-Seo to catch her husband on video.

He demanded Seon-U pay 30 million won if she wanted the SD card. Seon-u agreed to him. 

The World of the married

Hyun Seo in the hospital (Credits; JTBC)

16. Seon-U attempted suicide

In-Gyu revealed everything to Tae-Oh about how Seon-U gave money to Hyun-Seo to spy on them, and Tae-Oh argued with her. 

Seon-U decided to suicide by bringing Jun-Yeong to the seashore. A heated argument causes Jun-Yeong to slip off the edge. At her house, Seon-U implies to Tae-Oh that their son is dead, and in the climax of a violent fight, Tae-Oh strangles Seon-U and slams her on the Tv’s sharp edges, causing her to bleed. It turned out, Jun-Yeong was alive, and after knowing his father’s reality, he decided to disown father. 

17. Leap of two years

Tae-Oh went to live with Da-Kyung after divorcing Seon-U; they had a daughter of 2 years and returned to Gosan. 

After returning, they decided to host a housewarming party. Seon-U also received an invitation in the name of Jun-Yeong. She felt something fishy, and she knew that Tae-Oh was upto something. 

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The World of the married

Seon U hurt (Credits; JTBC)

18. Continuous attacks on Seon-U

An unknown assault had attacked her house. She became very nervous after that about Jun-Yeong. One day, Yu-Rim noticed someone suspicious around Seon-U’s house when she was in the hospital. 

In the meantime, when Seon-U was getting threats daily, Jun-Yeong was getting close to his father and stepmother Da-Kyung, and he slowly started avoiding Seon-U. 

One day, Seon-U was attacked and injured badly; yoon-gi and Jun-Yeong came to see her. 

That suspect’s identity was found to be Hyun-Seo’s ex-boyfriend, who had been in jail for one year. Tae-Oh had hired him to scare Seon-U so that she could leave Gosan. 

The World of the married

Seon U was shocked to see the situation of her house (Credits; JTBC)

19. The effect of parents’ divorce on Jun-Yeong

When parents get divorced, the one who gets affected so much is the kid. Children have no idea how this thing works, and their world turns upside down in no time. 

The same happened with Jun-Yeong. After the divorce of his parents, he couldn’t handle that stress, which became a mental health issue. He became a kleptomaniac. 

His situation got worse day by day. He also got counseling sessions, but they did not affect him. He also faced problems in his school life. He became a center of gossip. 

He also got into a fight with his classmate who saw him stealing a packet of chips, and he threatened him that he would tell about his actions to everyone; he had beaten his classmate very badly, and he didn’t even have a pinch of guilt for his actions. 

The World of the married

Jun Yeong crying (Credits; JTBC)

20. Death of In-Gyu

In-gyu pleaded Hyun-seo to leave Gosan with him and for them to be together, but Hyun-seo refused. In-gyu breaks down and commits suicide. Seon-u saw the scarf she gave Hyun-seo at the accident site and felt guilty.

Yoon-gi revealed to Seon-u that he witnessed the accident and that the injured person was not the person she sought. Da-Kyung found that Tae-oh was in Gosan Station when the incident occurred and found blood on his shirt. She was hurt that Tae-oh had been lying to her. 

The mystery surrounding the accident continued when it was revealed that there was no record of the CCTV footage in the Station on that particular day. 

Everyone was included in this case, but in the end, the case was closed, resulting in In-Gyu’s death a suicide. 

The World of the married

In Gyu arguing (Credits; JTBC)

21. Jun-Yeong distanced himself from his mother

Jun-Yeong was sure things could never return to how they were, so he began to distance himself from his mom, with his kleptomania worsening. Da-Kyung noticed something strange about Jun-yeong’s behavior when living with his father and step-mom. 

Seon-u tried to reach out to Jun-Yeong, but he refused to contact or meet her and told her everything would be okay when she left Gosan and that he was okay with her leaving. Seon-U was very hurt after listening to this, and she decided to leave Gosan. 

The World of the married

Jun Yeong in a supermarket (Credits; JTBC)

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22. Seon-U second attempt at suicide

Unable to cope with her son’s hate for her, Seon-u goes missing, worrying everyone. Yoon-gi left the hospital and looked for her, and Tae-Oh followed him. Tae-Oh was getting closer to Seon-U; he also felt sad for her.

Seon-U went for a walk on the shore of the beach and remembered the time her parents died; she suddenly walked into the waves. Yoon-Gi gets there on time and pulls her out, only for her to cry in his arms. If Yoon- Gi didn’t reach on time, maybe he couldn’t save saved Seon-U. 

The World of the married

Seon U attempting suicide but saved (Credit: JTBC)

23. Was Da-Kyung taking care of Jun-Yeong all an act? 

After Jun-Yeong came to live with his father, Da-Kyung cared for him, and everyone appreciated her efforts, even taking care of her stepson; this boosted her ego. 

But, one-day Da-Kyung accused Jun-Yeong of hurting Jenny, her daughter, and Tae-Oh saw all this and slapped Da-Kyung. In the meantime, Jun-Yeong called his mother and told her to take him along. 

When Seon-u arrived, Da-Kyung tried to stop Jun-Yeong from leaving, but he ran into his mother’s arms. In the resulting argument, Seon-u tells Da-Kyung to drop the act, obsesses over maintaining a perfect marriage and family, and leaves after telling her that Tae-oh slept with her.

The World of the married

Da Kyung after the leap (Credits; JTBC)

24. Da-Kyung realized the truth of Tae-Oh

Da-Kyung asked Tae-Oh whether he slept with Seon-U, but he didn’t say anything; she was sure after this. Da-Kyung also visited Seon-U’s house, thinking of clearing all the mess. 

But Ye-Rim saw her, and she told her how many times Tae-oh came around when Seon-u wasn’t home. This upsets her and drives her out of Seon-u’s house. 

Da-Kyung had a hard time accepting Tae-oh’s deceiving nature, but she soon realized the truth for herself and decided to remove Tae-oh from her life once and for all.

With help from her dad, Da-Kyung files for divorce and moves out of Gosan with her parents, taking Jenny with her. Tae-oh loses everything, including his job and social status, and is thrown out on the streets, and he deserves it. 

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The World of the married

Da Kyung crying (Credits; JTBC)

25. Jun-Yeong went missing

After some time, Seon-U doubted that Tae-Oh would come into their lives again and create a mess. Before that, she had made all the arrangements for cops. 

But one day, she was stressed when Seon-U came and didn’t find Jun-Yeong. It turned out that Tae-oh wanted to say something to Jun-Yeong and told him he would go crazy if he couldn’t, so Jun-Yeong went with him. 

The World of the married

Jun Yeong talking to someone (Credits; JTBC)

26. Seon-U went to clear everything with Tae-Oh

Seon-u agreed for them to have a meal together so that Tae-oh could improve his image in his son’s eyes one last time; instead, Tae-oh begged Seon-u to take him back and for them to start over as a family again. Seon-u tells him to get his act together and bid farewell to his son one last time.

27. Tae-Oh attempts suicide

Tae-Oh couldn’t handle this situation and threw himself into the coming truck. Seon-U ran to save him and luckily survived. 

But seeing all this, Jun-Yeong was shocked, and he ran away. 

The World of the married

Seon U determined (Credits; JTBC)

28. The Climax

After a year, Seon-U was again working at the hospital, and Tae-Oh was in better condition. Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk had broken up, and Ye-Rim was happier than before. 

Da-Kyung was busy in her art gallery and was a good single mother, but she had trust issues and could not trust anyone again. 

Jun-Yeong has been missing since the accident, but he returned in the last scene only for her mother.

The World of the married

Tae Oh is in the middle, Seon U on the left, and Da Kyung on the right (Credits; JTBC)

29. Karma is real

This series shows and proves that Karma is real. Tae-Oh deserved all the losses and was left alone in the end. A traitor has to pay the price of deeds someday. 

The World of the married

Tae Oh and Seon U arguing (Credits; JTBC)

30. Importance of being independent

Seon-U was a very strong woman. She didn’t allow herself to accept that man who once deceived her. She also had enough money to raise her son herself without a man. 

She had the courage and self-respect to know her priorities and to stick with them. 

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The World of the married

Seon U as a doctor (Credits; JTBC)

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31. Extramarital affairs

As its name indicates, this drama revolves around extramarital affairs, but many topics are covered. Affairs are so common nowadays that it has become a huge issue. 

Couples who do not find more compatibility between them, if their love has ended according to them, then without any second thought they should communicate and clear everything carefully instead of getting involved in such things which will affect everyone badly.


The World of the married

Seon U knowing the truth of Tae- Oh (Credits; JTBC)

32. Mental health issues

Mental health is a serious issue and is also very common nowadays. But, still, there is a lack of awareness among the public. 

Still, if someone gets anxious or feels uneasy, instead of understanding them, people either judge them or say things that sometimes they don’t mean, but it hurts really bad. 

Jun-Yeong was a small teenage boy who had to endure many things. He even ran away from his house because he was uncomfortable, and after seeing that accident, he could not catch the situation. 

Ultimately, he returned to his mother, and he was fine. He also received counseling sessions from Yoon Gi. This shows that everything can be fine if we do not give up so easily and fight for ourselves and to live and be happy for our parents. 

The World of the married

Jun Yeong with his mother, Seon U (Credits; JTBC)

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33. Importance of friends in life

There are many fake people in this world, but we are auto to have only one friend beside us who is scareware. Sometimes, we can not do things with our parents anyone. But, that real friend will always stay with us whatever this situation. 

Here too, if Yoon Gi were not there with Seon U, she would have surely ended our life. She was absent-mindedly walking into the waves, and Yoon Gi rescued her, and then she broke into his arms.

The World of the married

Yoon Gi saving Seon U’s life (Credits; JTBC)

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34. Teaching Children not to be a cheater, traitors, and deceivers

Tae Oh was a very bad person; he did not know what he wanted and what he was doing with himself, his family, and Da Kyung. He just said in an episode to Seon U that he was in love with Da Kyung, so he had no option except to hurt her.

But, when he got Da Kyung, he was still thinking about Seon U. In reality, he did not love anyone except himself. All parents should teach their children that it is very important to know the fact and not to hurt someone.

The World of the married

Tae Oh with Seon U (Credits; JTBC)

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35. Not to suicide, whatever the circumstances are

We do not get this life easy; it is difficult but beautiful. We can find the solution, but we must be more patient and positive until then.

The World of the married

Seon U sitting on the seashore just before attempting suicide (Credits; JTBC)

In the series, Seon U has attempted suicide twice and Tae Oh once; they finally survived. The reason is that they were able to realize their mistakes and live life again happily.