30 Inappropriate Bumper Stickers That’ll Ward Off Tailgaters

Are you in the market for a bumper sticker? Or maybe even a dirty bumper sticker? Well, you’re in luck because the bumper stickers on this list will give you some great ideas. These are some seriously inappropriate bumper stickers that’ll surely ward off idiot tailgaters. These are stickers that’ll let people know that you’re not only not to be messed with, but also you are hilarious. I think everyone knows that is a dangerous combination. If a person is funny and also not to be messed with, you never know what they’re thinking. Are they joking around? Or do they want to hurt me? You could be that person… with one of these funny bumper stickers.

Wish You Were Beer


Good Lord

It’s a Date!

Twisted Sister

Dat Family

Let’s Wrap This Up

There Probably Is, Now That You Mention It

Unleash the Pride

Bill of Rights

Sorry about Your Mom, Bro

In Poo Taste

That’s How It Works

Dirty Bomb

Loud and Clear

Abstinence Only

Vicious Cycle

Proud Grandparent

Very, Very, Very Subtle

Hooker, Line, and Sinker

Come Again?

V for Vendetta

Parents These Days

The More You Know…

Maybe It Just Hasn’t Found Its Thing

Kick the Tires

Hot Meals on Wheels

Beach Please

Hot Take

Sad to the Bone

You Chose Poorly