25 Kids With Totally Attainable Life Goals

If you believe that children are the future, then these kids with attainable life goals suggest quite a strange future. Kids with funny life goals understand life allows people all sorts of opportunities for employment and lifestyle achievements. Instead of being bogged down by pesky little factors like physics or respectability, kids with realistic life goals decided their dreams were not only desirable, they were definitely possible. This photo gallery goes out to life goals that kept it mad real with funny answers to questions about their future. Most adults already have a hard time figuring out what their life goals are, but when it came to the all-important “when I grow up” question, these kids totally nailed it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Trucker

Simple Three-Step Process

Be Like Mike

Pole Position

Forever Single By Choice

Spud Life

Total Shot In The Dark

More Pizza, Less Dinosaurs

Mint Condition

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Taco Bout

One Smart Puppy

Nice To Meat You

Future Zombie

Talk About Mailing It In

Super Into Soup

Cut It Out, Mom And Dad!

The Dream Of Doing Nothing

Seven Is Not Enough

Pizza The Hut

School’s Out

Dwayne Johnson’s Future Personal Assistant

Special K

Halt and Catch Fire

Food For Thought

Hats Off To You, Kid