25 Kids Who Look Just Like Their Dolls

Let’s face it – being a baby can be rough. Between the teething and the learning to crawl and the constantly have to cry for your food, it could be argued that the earlier parts of childhood are the most frustrating for some kids. That’s why it’s important to always have a little buddy who gets you, as is the case with these lucky kids with twin dolls that bear a remarkable resemblance to their human pals. The days of boring cookie cutter baby dolls are over and toy stores of today are stocked with a variety of little plastic buddies that kids from all walks of life can relate to. Here you’ll find a collection of what are quite possibly some of the most adorable kids who look like their dolls to have ever smiled for the camera. These kids and lookalike dolls are totally digging each other’s style and are here to prove that baby beauty comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a huge smile, these kiddos have you covered. Be warned though, the insanely cute babies and lookalike dolls you meet here may or may not produce the temptation to book it to your local toy store to try to find your own plastic doppelganger who will always reflect your beauty right back at ‘cha.

Those Matching Outfits Tho!

This Little Chick and Her Doll Are Digging the Same Rad Hairdo

These Preciously Pig-Tailed Cabbage Patch Princesses

This Adorable Little Hippy Chick Finally Found a Friend as Far Out as She Is

How Gorgeous Are the Curls These Two Share?

This Baby and His Buddy Are Totally Nailing their Buddha Impressions

These Little Patriots Prove Dolls Aren’t Just for Chicks!

This Baby Girl and Her Buddy Have the Most Beautiful Eyes Ever!

This Precious Princess and Her Pal Totally Rule

This Dude’s Doll Even Matches His Skepticism

This Petite Princess and Her Pal Are Totally Nailing the Gangsta Lean

Cue Cuteness Overload in 3… 2… 1

This Wee One and Her Buddy Also Have Each Other’s Backs on Headband Checks

This Little Lady and Her Bud Are Rocking the Coolest ‘Dos Around

This Gorgeous Gal Is Her Dora Doll’s Favorite Fellow Explorer

  1. This Precious Tot and Her Friend Are as Cozy as They Come

    This Grinning Guy Keeps His Doppelgänger Buddy Smiling

    This Sweetie Pie and Her Buddy Bring Class to Glasses

    This Adorable Little Lady and Her Mini-Me Are the Greatest Thing Since… Ever

    This Guy and His Nap Time Companion Are Down for the Count

    This Lovely Lady and Her Colleague Are Rocking Those Curls

    This Little Guy and His Mini-Me Are Lady Killers in the Making

    This Tiny Tot and Her Chum Are Rocking Those Bows

    This Pretty Girl and Her Pal Are Totally Twinning

    This Cutie Pie and Her Compatriot Totally Get Each Other

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