25 Funny Unnecessarily Censored Photos

Censorship is like a total Internet buzzkill, man. It’s yet another example of the media “man” keeping us down as he continues to blur out pictures and put “censored” bars over the best parts of our favorite photos and videos. Then again, these unnecessarily censored photos prove that there’s some merit to making things a little hard to see. Namely, the fact that the result can be hilarious. Check out this list of the best funny censorship on the web, and vote up the picture you never want to see un-blurred.

L.L. Pork & Beans

Hulk Smashed!

Off to the Sideline for a Quick Blow

Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Staff

It’s a Game of Inches

Obama Llama Ding Dong

A Wolf in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Tush

Wrestling with Your Inner Demons

Putin on a Show

Minnie Meltdown

Foul Balls

Free the Back Boobs

Fore Play

To the Victor Go the Spoils

The Pope Life Chose Him

Reaching the Finish Line

2 Guys 1 Ball

Haunted Trousers

Cuckoo for Cocoa Yuck!

Freeing Willy

A Race to the Finish

Swimming Upstream

Ball Two!

Do You Remember the Time?

The Dirty Side of Disney