23 Of The Best Unnecessarily Censored Sports Photos

Unnecessary censorship has been a thorn in the side of the Internet for quite some time, so you have to appreciate the teamwork it took to put together this collection of unnecessarily and funnycensored photos. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and when you block part of it out, the Internet fills it in with a thousand more dirty ones.

The King And I

Extremely Personal Foul

Life In The Fast Lane

Slam Junk

Swimming With The Sharks

Poppin Off

Hulkamania Literally Running Wild

Brock Lesnar: Exposed

Your Car Keys Are Always In The Last Place You Look

Got Him Pinned

A Bold Move By Maryland

The NBA: Where Amazing Happens

In The Strike Zone

Ball Two

Michael Phelps Gone Wild

Tight Ends

Red Flag Fun

Helping Hand

Block Party

That’s A Bit Of A Stretch

Illegal Use Of Te Hands

“Really, Here Man?”

Yankees Doodle Handy

Playing From Behind

Cleats And Meats

Pregame Warmup

Hole in One

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