23 Girls Who Fished for Compliments Way Too Hard on Facebook

, because you’re about to go on a fishing trip. These are girls who clearly went fishing for compliments on with mixed results. These are status updates posted by extremely needy girls who just went really heavy on the bait, looking for some bites. Sure they’re kind of , but they’re also pretty sad when you get down to it. What has the world become when this is how people interact with each other? Be confident in who you are. You are beautiful. You don’t need all of your Facebook friends to tell you that.

  1. The Real Slim Shady

  2. Message Received

  3. The Glasses Are Half Full

  4. This Is Going to Get Ugly

  5. Bending Over Backwards

  6. Fish to Fry

  7. Sorry Babe

  8. Gone Fishing

  9. Gone Baby Gone

  10. Hate On, Haters

  11. Fat Chance

  12. Ain’t That the Tooth

  13. Unfollow

  14. These Aren’t the Compliments You’re Looking For

  15. Master Bait

  16. Move Along

  17. Burn Notice

  18. Opposites Don’t Attract

  19. Point Taken

  20. How to Not Be Adorable

  21. Don’t Take the Bait

  22. Agree to Disagree