22 Times Toys Totally Had Boners

Parents get their children toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble, but sometimes the trouble comes with the packaging. Sometimes, toys come with boners, and not the kind you’re thinking of.

These inappropriate kids toys have them for some inexplicable reason. Somehow these toys managed to make it through the development process, market testing, manufacturing phases, and Santa’s sleigh without anyone noticing the extra equipment they were carrying. Sure, we can laugh at these funny toys behaving badly after the fact, but you have to wonder how many childhood’s were ruined due to these toys with inexplicable boners.

Show And Tell

Cabbage Patch Problems

Wild Tiger

Mouse Trap

The Incredible Bulge

I’ll Never Lego

Banana Gone Bananas

Blow Here

Pervy Pokemon

The Punisher Be Packin’

Damn Spider-Man, You Nasty

E.T. Bone Home

The Last Straw

How The Dark Knight Rises

Horny Unicorn


Junk On The Trunk

Absorbent And Yellow And Horny Is He…

Red Rocket

Buzzed Lightyear

Clone Bone

Tigger Got Bigger

Frozen Boner

Pooh Seems Happy…