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22 People Who Have No Idea How to Wear Pants

If you’re currently not wearing any pants, congratulations because that means you’re in good place. As for the people in these pictures, not so much. The way they’re wearing pants, they might as well not be wearing them at all. These are  photos of pants fails caught on camera. These aren’t your garden variety fashion fails, though.

These are people who tried to start a new fashion trend and failed miserably. Or maybe they’re people who simply never encountered pants before and used context clues they best they could. Either way, they’re wearing pants and sometimes shorts too high, too low, or in ways that are almost creative.


         Talk About Putting on a Front

         No. Just. No

         High and Mighty

         Pajama Pants Party

         Stop Beliebing

         Bro, Do You Even Pants?

         Side Out

         Total Waist of Time

         Conan vs Jeggings

    Pants Tent

         Extreme Muffin Top


         Below the Belt

         Crack in the Case

          She’s on a Tear

        Three’s Company

         Live Thong and Prosper

        The Next Generation of Dad Pants

         Saggy P

         Tight Squeeze

         Big Boy Pants

        Triple Down Economics