22 Funny Kids Drawings That Say a Lot About Their Parents

Kids are known for saying the darndest things, but they also draw the darndest things too. If you’re looking for the straight dope on a child’s parents, look no further than their favorite coloring book. In it, you will find the deepest and darkest secrets about parents struggling to survive their child-rearing years. Below you will find a collection of the best  drawings of adults.

Whether it’s a scandalous kid drawing of mom or totally expected naughty drawing of dad, this photo gallery has it covered when it comes to revealing kids drawings of the adults in their lives. If you have kids, this photo gallery will go great with a tall glass of wine. And if you don’t have kids, this will make you stock up on all forms of birth control. . . like immediately. These are kid drawings that were “too hot for teacher.”

  1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

  2. Nightclub Mommy

  3. Wine Not

  4. The Day the Demon Went Home

  5. Top Cock

  6. Need I Say Whore?

  7. Pole Position

  8. When Mommy Gets Gassy

  9. Stiff Drink

  10. Sugar Daddy

  11. Drink Outside the Box

  12. Gas is Love

  13. Boy Oh Boy

  14. Neighborhood Watch

  15. Little House of Horrors

  16. Pillow Talk

  17. Let it Pee

  18. The Sixth Stage of Grief

  19. Dude, Where’s My Daddy?

  20. Mommy Dearest

  21. Too Mom Too Furious

  22. Slick Rick

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