20 Funny “Beware of Cat” Signs to Be Taken Seriously

Due to their small stature, nobody seems to take seriously when it comes to the task of home security. People seem to think dogs are more suited for this task because of their size, but most dogs are far too nice to do what’s necessary when the time comes. After taking a look at these photos of funny “Beware of Cat” signs, it will become pretty obvious that your cat is also a very effective guardian of your galaxy. Your galaxy in this case is your house or apartment. These pictures will also serve as a friendly reminder to the criminals of the world that are completely insane and not to be messed with. If they aren’t respected, can really do some serious damage with their claws and teeth. Vote up your favorites and don’t forget to enroll your cat in your local neighborhood watch program as soon as possible.

Drinking Problem

The Real Slim Shady

Party Animal

Trust Issues

Guardian of the Galaxy

No, Seriously. Beware.

Just Walk Away

Top Dog

Neo Cat

The Truth Hurts

Camera Cats

Every Witch Way

Home of Satan Cat

Cat Scratch Fever

Forcing the Issue

Ninja Please

On the Attack

Band of Brothers

Sleeping on the Job

Fat Chance

Hunger Games