Dudes Who Achieved Amazing Levels of Concentration

Well, here’s something you don’t see on the Internet every day. A photo gallery dedicated to guys caught not staring at girl’s boobs and butts. This is the man’s guide to being a true gentleman, no matter how difficult it may have been to achieve. When faced with incredible acts of cleavage or female posteriors, these men did not flinch or bat an eye.

These are incredibly impressive photos of dudes who were given the ultimate test of mental strength and passed with flying colors. And don’t assume that this happened just because they were “nerds.” All of the men in these pictures deserve an award for their amazing courage and perseverance in achieving the highest levels of concentration known to man.


On Topless of His Game

Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Boob Holder

Games Before Dames

Don’t Observe and Report

Hate the Game

Joe Rogan is the Consummate Gentleman

The Butts Stop Here

Low Down Dirty Shame

Data’s Entry

He’s Got the Power